New iCan Entertainment in Tomorrowland

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Eh It wasn't half bad. The guests seemed to enjoy him. He gave away free popcorn so that made me people happy haha. It was essentially a walking dance party. Pretty cool though.


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I would be more impressed with a Honda Asimo or even a Sony Aibo type robot. A man in a costume doesn't work for me. I am sure it is entertaining but it isn't a robot.


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Becuse a silent slow walking robot with no emotion and prone to error would be more entertaining to watch.
The point was most people would rather see an actual robot. I guess you haven't seen some of the recent robots. They are pretty damn good and not all silent or slow. Check out Boston Dynamics robot technology. If they wanted to they could still use a hidden human for vocal interactions.
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Just a heads up, when we were there at the Magic Kingdom last week I was hoping to find Ican around so I asked the cast member around 7:30 where he might be and she said he goes to "bed" at 6 PM.

Of course that could change in the near future.


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iCan think of better reasons for keeping the original name.

The "i think I can" concept is one that is rooted in the vision of Tommorowland's message of progress achievement and innovation in the World of Tommorrow. (It works in Epcot too however) This guy looks like an assist-bot or fancy helper butler from the Jetsons.

"Showbot" is somehow more generic and too pigeonholed in name, delivering only entertainment. (dancing) For me the name conjures imagery of a guy in bow tie and hat for whatever reason. A tap-dancing, glove-wearing entertainer or a one-man band.

The iCan name fits the land better IMO and could allow for greater variety of shows and types of shows.* Another reason for reverting it back to iCan: It sounds like an Apple product! Apple hearts Disney. Disney hearts Apple. It's just begging to have a logo slapped on it. (And sold in stores as an R/C toy)

Then there's the idea of making it a robotic duo show featuring the robots iThnk and iCan. Yep, this type of show would be pretty awesome. Pun-worthy jokes, edutainment and the slapstick Abbott and Costello type antics. iCan see it now!!!
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Wow! A man on a Segway. I'd rather see a real robot:

You're right! Disney would've used the money to re-imagine half of magic kingdom, but what you've shown is so much better. And it costs the same too! A new, shuffling robot which does frontflips but only has a 15 minute battery will definitely drive demand and sales.

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