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New Frozen Ever After Dessert coming to Epcot


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Well it does take away one of the prime viewing spots for the show from regular guests.
True but it sounds like it is just going to use space already designated for that purpose and only 3 days a week. There are still ample viewing opportunities all around WS. You can also burn a FP on the other viewing area if you want. That's what I did last month. By arriving at rope drop and using 2 other FPs, I was able to still ride all the headliners.


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I'm disappointed. My mum and I are going on our first adult-only trip. I was really looking forward to the Illuminations dessert party and the whole "around the world" theme. I love the characters but was hoping for something a little more grown up. Any suggestion for a backup plan? Has anyone tried Ferrytale Wishes?


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This actually sounds somewhat appealing to me. I've never seen Illuminations. I haven't rode on the new Frozen attraction. I have two young daughters who are, like many young girls, head over heels about Frozen. The lineup below sounds appealing, especially that there is cheese fondue and fruit and not just cakes and cookies. However the cost for our family of four is running an additional 300 dollars (Cdn). Not to mention we will be at Epcot for F&W where I can no doubt cash in a ton of snack credits for a lot of desserts if I so choose anyway.

So tell me fine wdw community friends, are the dessert parties "worth it" for a family like mine?
  • Olaf’s warm double-chocolate s’mores pudding cake
  • Elsa’s warm cottage pudding with salted caramel glaze
  • Hand-dipped vanilla bean ice cream
  • Wandering Oaken’s éclairons
  • Hans’ key lime tarts with red glitter glaze
  • Living Rock crispy bonbons
  • Anna’s blue velvet cupcakes
  • Kristoff’s no-sugar-added lemon curd with blueberry
  • Sven’s fresh fruits and berries
  • Grand Pabbie’s winter-spiced snack mix
  • Duke of Weselton’s cheese fondue served with country bread cubes, broccoli and grilled flatbread
Beer, wine, summertime cocktails, and non-alcoholic “melted snow” drinks will be available.


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"The event costs $79 per adult (ages 10 and up) and $47 per child (ages 3 to 9), in addition to regular Epcot theme park admission..."



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Again wondering what all the complaints are for? If you dont like it, dont pay the 79 Bucks for it. If you want to watch illuminations from that spot, go on a night it isnt offered or "gulp" find a different spot to watch it from. The overreactions littering the boards everytime WDW creates offerings to guests is tired and childish. Debating new attractions, new ideas, the lack of attention to new rides or old ones, etc is fun to debate. But anytime WDW offers anything new, you can count on thee same posts from the same people whining and complaining, chastising Disney ( like you have ever had to make decisions similar to what they do). Cut and paste would save some of you a lot of time because thats all you do. And whats funny is Ive seen some complain and the last time they were at WDW was 4 years ago so you are doing nothing but parroting all the other whiners. Like I said, if you dont like it, deal with it and just dont spend the extra $ on it. BUt keep in mind some people are ok with trying new things and dont mind spending a little to see new things the Mouse offers. Different choices for different people and its not your place to determine whats best for someone else. Ill step off the soap box now.


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I'll admit that we paid for the Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam dessert party last year as our Christmas gift to my parents. It was the same cost as this party. The cost was high, however my parents loved it! The CMs working the event bent over backwards for them and my mom went out of her way to talk to the manager of the event to tell her how much she enjoyed the party. On our night, it ended up raining so we didn't even stay to see the show.

I think the food/beverage options for this event sound very appealing, much better than the event we attended. I am considering reservations for it because you are getting the desserts/snacks/beverages (including alcohol), reserved seating for fireworks, and a ride-on afterwards. The beauty of these events is that you can skip them if you think it's too much $.


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reserved seating for fireworks
Are there actual seats to watch the fireworks or is it the tables like before? I WAS disappointed about the change, but having a seat to watch the fireworks at the end of a long day just might make me reconsider.
If anyone could confirm that would be great.
I think it sounds great. Love the addition of the fondue and summer-themed cocktails.

With the added benefit of not having to stress about a Frozen Fastpass, I would definitely do this.

I purchase dessert parties to avoid the crowd, expand my planning possibilities, and drink lots of cocktails - sounds like a win-win-win, as Michael Scott would say, with this setup.

As for taking up space, the world showcase is absolutely gigantic!

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