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News New entertainment 'Durch and Durch' coming to Epcot's Germany pavilion


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Personally, who knew they could find so many various acts? lol. I do like the variety of them. Not all of them will be everyone's cup of tea of course. But it's nice. They have a good rotation, IMO.

The Magic Kingdom needs a vast overhaul of it's entertainment. And DHS just needs more of it. lol. It's interesting how most of the MK entertainment, live real people, are being replaced by character dance parties and things tied to characters ... I think there's room for both but of course that costs $ (that they have)

AK (though I believe they recently lost two acts, are there replacements coming?) and Epcot remain the best (for WDW, DL and DCA both have better options than either of their counterparts here).

Simba's Mom

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Does anyone know anything about them? I tried to Google them to get some background, like where they went to school, where else they've performed, etc. and there was nothing. DS has performed with a German band in NYC, so I was curious. Anyone know their background?

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