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News New entertainment 'Durch and Durch' coming to Epcot's Germany pavilion


Well-Known Member
While I'm not much for Bavarian Spoon Slapping, I find replacing authentic folk artists with what looks & sounds like a Berlin punk-rock group somewhat jarring.

Most of their stuff is pretty mild, really.
Should be a fine fit for the "nod your head to the beat and drink your overpriced beer until the fireworks" mood of the modern World Showcase. I'd certainly check them out for a while.


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While I do think some acts should be permanent (Fife and Drum never should have been cut or the WS Players), I do like a nice rotation of different entertainment acts coming in and out.


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Just awful, stripping away traditional German culture with another generic pop band. No way I’m paying $40 bucks a head to listen to this


Premium Member
Sounds decent.. I'm going the week of April 15, I hope they're still there. I like what I hear here a bit better than Alberta Bound...

Still not to the level of Off Kilter though. I still don't understand why Disney doesn't just bring them back for limited engagements like they do for these other bands....

Ok, sorry for the off topic comments... As far as this German band, it sounds fun. Look forward to seeing them.

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