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New Enhancements, Dining Options Coming to Disney’s BoardWalk


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I really don't understand how, with such a cool resort theme, this is what they came up with!?!? It's almost like the people in charge spite Disney and everything it stood for. This is just so bad. It actually looks like a leftover area from the Riviera that was deemed too bland. (And that's saying something!)


Park nostalgist
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"These refurbs should have charm, color, thoughtful design, and need to fit the theme of the resort"

Management's response:

Mike Myers No GIF

Theme: 0
Charm: 0
Design: 0

A clean sweep. Sadly.


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What is going on at WDI? Did they even have any involvement in this?
Walt Disney Imagineering has been outsourcing design for a lot of the hotel updates for a few years now.

This isn’t really a surprising outcome. It’s very much in line with a lot of what we have been seeing at Walt Disney World.
Why though? Isn’t their whole purpose to design things for parks and resorts? It’s infuriating watching project after project look like any chain hotel.

James Alucobond

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I'm usually a big defender of the "Marriott refurbs" as people call them. But this is bad and they should feel bad.
Indeed. In this case, it's as if they just did the surfaces and called it done. This could be at least fine with appropriate dressing even if some of the finishes are imperfect for the period, but it's just weirdly devoid of anything. They didn't even bother with the HomeGoods clutter of other low points like the Old Key West refurb.


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Maybe they will still add stuff? Maybe they wanted it open for this week and just had it functional?

All the empty wall space could have drawings of all kinds of carousel horses, etc.


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Aside from looking utterly generic, they don't even consider how it doesn't work on a cohesive/storytelling level. There's no way the guy who decorated Belle View, picked out nanny chairs, a chandelier of horse mermaids, a circus tent by the pool, and hundreds of glass fish on the ceiling of his restaurant, decided that the seating area and coffee shop in the center of his elaborately embellished hotel, should be devoid of all charm and theme. It just makes it even more obvious these folks in charge are clueless.


It is often cheaper to use an outside design firm than to use WDI - as crazy as that sounds.
And therein lies the problem. The optimal word in your post is "cheaper" and that is what will affect them profoundly in the end. As others on this thread have rightfully pointed out, Disney properties (to include the parks) were built on the idea that they are offering something you can't get anywhere else. They are homogenizing everything to a regressive point that only feeds into the horrible reputation they are building with each misstep. It's going to affect them in a profoundly negative way in time.

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