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New Disney Tattoo.


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Haha nice. The way the photo was cropped it looked like your shoe at the bottom, not a bracelet. Wasn't trying to doubt you, just thought I was seeing things. It does look awesome tho!


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looks awesome!! Artist did a fab job. Enjoy it!!:)


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That is one nice tattoo. Keep care of it because that piece of art is worth it. I got mine over a year and a half ago now and it still looks like it was just done. My boyfriend who didn't take as great care with his as I did mine is already starting to fade and they were done the same day by the same artist (different tattoos but still simple black ones).


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Thanks for all the love everyone.

Just a piece of advice to everyone, if you ever want to feel awesome about yourself go out and get a nice Disney tattoo and then post a picture of it on this board and let the compliment come rolling in. A super ego boost!

Thanks again, its VERY appreciated.


Thank You MR FERRET :D It's my pride and joy. Whenever I strut around the pools or waterparks I always get compliments. When I was at Stormalongbay I had a guy stop in his tracks and said "WHOA! You're a HARDCORE Disney fan aren't you? Hey guys, look at that!" Haha. Felt nice :king:


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Heres my new one, so new its only 3 hours old...

Please excuse the gore, its gonna look amazing once its healed!!
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