New Construction in Galaxy’s Edge


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Any ideas what the interaction is? The bounty hunter thing?
Yea as of now no idea but given the limited functionality of magicband+, seems to be vibrating and lighting when in close proximity. It’s also probable that whatever is being installed here will do something, granted that’s it’s been established that the 50th statues now have speakers to interact with MB+

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Photo op with the new Yellow Milk.


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What with all the new series coming out is there a substantial plot in the Galaxies Edge area to accommodate a sizable attraction that could somehow tie into one of these new shows?


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Why can’t we get an original attraction? Lol not trying to be harsh but everyone on this forum goes on and on about clones and what not and then we suggest crazy things like this
Original attraction would be great but at the VERY least Star Tours needs to relocate to Galaxy's Edge. It is out of place now in its current location.


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Current Disney does not care that much about theme.
I actually disagree (slightly)...

When they have a land build on one IP, they put in some many limits it gets in the way. But, when it's based on anything existing, especially without a movie IP, then it's a free-for-all.

That's how we can't get any earlier characters in Galaxy's Edge because it wouldn't "fit the story"... By the same company that's created the TL, DHS, Epcot messes along with a number of weird resort restaurant placements.

It's kind of baffling....

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