New coaster coming to Shanghai???


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Respectfully, I disagree, although it is still a very fun attraction.

Perhaps I should have said experience rather than immersion. Does Hagrid's sell the illusion of flying in the air on a motorbike? Unfortunately, no. But exposed track aside, all the show elements on the attraction still successfully transport me within the world depicted in the film.


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The higher res PDF is dated April 22, 2024.

No sorry, I meant the association that this is specifically a Spiderman Coaster. When is that sourced from?

I thought the Spiderman rumour predates the pandemic? It of course could still be valid.

Edit - I think it tracks to October 2021 from themeparx. So not far enough away to talk myself out of it, but also not that close in either. I'm probably just projecting hope as it doesn't make a lot of sense.
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