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News New Changes Coming to the Disney Look 2021

Mac Tonight

Well-Known Member
It's just putting yourself in someone else's shoes. What may not seem like a big deal to you could be more stressful to someone else.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m empathetic when people face actual discrimination in their job... but this ain’t it. They applied and got hired knowing what was in store. It's not like they started orientation and had the rug pulled out from under them.

Once again, if Disney's standard (former) "Look" was truly causing anyone literal stress, that sounds like a personal problem, and there are other jobs out there.

For the record, pretty sure we'll just continue to disagree on this, so I'll bow out and let you enjoy your evening!


Good luck with that then. I just want the right person, couldnt give a rats a** what they look like or what box they tick.

Yeah, not sure about this response as I think I am saying the same thing - open yourself to the broadest group of candidates and most likely to get the best person for the job who adds the most value

Disney Analyst

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So anyone’s opinion different to yours you shut down 🤔 now where have I heard that happen before? 🤔

.... the Political forum was closed by the site owner / mods as they decided they no longer wanted to spend so much time and resources moderating and running that section, when this is a Disney/Theme Park forum.

They reinstate the old rules of NO political discussion, regardless of side.

This has nothing to do with any posters on here shutting down, we had quite the community down there that had many many differences.


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Exactly, when someone applied to work at Disney they knew the code of conduct, they chose to apply, no one forced it on them. This bs is Disney virtue signalling. Splash mountain one last time anyone?

So, allow me to allude again back to my Abercrombie days, a brand that also had a very strict look policy that was rooted in an "All American" look that I already noted was rooted in prejudice. Like Disney, Abercrombie forbade tattoos, unnatural hairstyles, facial hair, and the only nails that women could wear were French tips.

Now, going into that job, was I aware of the strict look policy? yes. Was I also aware that the look policy was yet another element that represented the company's racist paradigm? also yes. Was that their code of conduct? yes. Was it wrong? an EMPHATIC yes - and the courts agreed, hence the millions of dollars A&F has had to pay out to their employees over the years.

Saying "you knew what you were applying for" is simply giving an enterprise a pass for not being as inclusive as they should be.

Brer Oswald

Well-Known Member
Exactly, when someone applied to work at Disney they knew the code of conduct, they chose to apply, no one forced it on them. This bs is Disney virtue signalling. Splash mountain one last time anyone?
Could it entirely be possible that this is both a positive change and one with self serving intent in the way it was announced? Is it it possible that you can appreciate the change and not virtue signal?

Multiple things can be true.


Well-Known Member
How?! Please quote me what I said. You explained ‘your’ HUGE company wants to tick boxes. I’m saying I want the right person. Yes there is a code of conduct obviously.
Wow. Did you seriously just try and equate my department lead supporting my passion for drag with my entire company being set on “ticking boxes”? I’m assuming that the vague term “ticking boxes,” is a stand in for diversity hires? Are you implying that the only reason I have my job is because I’m a Queer man? That’s real cute how quickly you are to completely devalue a complete stranger’s professional accomplishments to fit your half baked assumptions.

Yes, men wearing nail polish are one thousand percent what’s wrong with the world.


Why wouldn’t I open to the broadest possible candidate? I just advertise and see who applies, which could be anyone.

Exactly - and by broadening the rules of what is acceptable you open yourself up to more candidates willing to apply and this have the opportunity to hire better people - which is all Disney is doing (and into slightly, they really aren't changing things much at all)

Brer Oswald

Well-Known Member
It’s eroding the foundations of a company. They won’t stop, before you know it the partners statue will be gone.
It won’t stop if you continue to respond like that.

The reason why ridiculous decisions are met with praise is because the opposers also oppose the sane ideas.

The goal is to be the most reasonable person in the room.


Well-Known Member
This is what we got so far. As long as it's not harassing another group I think they'd be ok?

"Tattoos that depict nudity, offensive or inappropriate language or images, or violate Company policies (including policies prohibiting discrimination and harassment based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ancestry, age, disability or any other protected category) are not permitted."
Even that is incredibly ambiguous. Is a picture of someone considered a racist an acceptable tattoo? What if that tattoo is Walt Disney who even people posting on a Disney board will call a racist and antisemite? How about a hammer and sickle which is still used by some as a symbol of social justice and revolution and the symbol of one of Disney’s business partners who almost assuredly will not allow more gender inclusive costuming?

Do you enjoy wearing long sleeves in the middle of summer in Florida?
Yes. People in hot climates around the world wear long clothes. It’s more an issue of materials, color and fit than length.

Disney Analyst

Well-Known Member
It wasn’t a rant and I’m done with the child conversation. I couldn’t care less about some weird political forum. .

I do not believe it is childish to correct someone who made a mistake.

You interjected yourself into what @Figgy1 said, all to try and have a "gotcha" comment, which is also a comment bordering on political, which is against forum policy.

Anyway I am bowing out, you are now informed and can do what you want with that information.

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