How to: Need to change your username?


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If you need to change your username, please follow these steps.

First check that your desired username is not in use.
You can do this by going to and using 'Find Member' on the right hand side of the page.

If your desired username is not found on that search, it will most likely be available for you.

Reply to this thread with your requested username change.

Note: Please try to limit the number of times that you change your username. We will not be able to do this repeatedly.

Robin Of Loxley

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Robin Of Loxley.

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Hello - just joined a few minutes ago. Using the forums to ask questions about my girlfriend's proposal idea. I don't want her to search this username as it's pretty common (didn't think ahead lol). Can you change my username to MDFL?

Could you change my username to DisneyFanJen please?

It's the one I use on most of the other forums I visit and it's easier to be consistent.

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