News Nearly all rides at Disney’s Hollywood Studios have waits above 2 hours at a very busy Walt Disney World


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I have been happily surprised at Tron's reliability. It seems it has very minimal downtime since it opened.
Wait for the 12 month period. The wear items will begin to fail. If preventative/predictive maintenance have not been performed on a regular and routine basis, downtime will begin to increase.


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I would agree with this. They’ve created a perfect storm of runDisney, New Years crowds plus, for this year, winter break crowds. It’ll be interesting to see how severe the drop in crowd levels is next week cos most people with a reason to be in Orlando are here now.
I think the drop will take another week and a half. The way everything fell this year had marathon weekend right against New Year's because this coming weekend will already be MLK weekend. I sense Wednesday 1/17 as the first day where everyone in WDW ops can truly breathe, and the week of 1/22 - 1/26 as the first full slow, offseason week WDW will have seen since before Thanksgiving.

I also don't know why they didn't hold off on the RnRC closure until next Tuesday to allow for extra capacity this coming MLK weekend. It's not like they are trying to get it back open for President's Day weekend, Spring Break or Easter. Might as well run it one more week and at least have it open for one of the first four busy weekends of the new year.


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Now that Epcot is "finished" (if you want to call it that), this park and Animal Kingdom both desperately need some more love. SW:GE and TSL were not enough to fill out this park. They need to execute on the DinoLand redo at AK AND pull off some new additions (ideally to Animation Courtyard and Echo Lake / Muppets Courtyard areas).

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