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@TheCoasterNerd I wasn’t meaning to rush you, but great work for Magic kingdom! I wonder what your going to do with the space for the beyond big Thunder expansion!
My concept from the Beyond Big Thunder thread. Will have more fleshed out ideas when I do it for this thread, but since I made this for the other thread I figured I'd share it here as well
If they mess with them, this would be my ideal shortening situation - shorten it, add lands around it. Note that there would be more lands behind the rivers but I didn't have space to connect that in this design. View attachment 778629

This would be a nice compromise - keeping the bottom half and boat but still shortening it. This would allow them to connect it with more lands but still have water and an island.
View attachment 778631

This would be the worst-case scenario - filling them in entirely. I had to scramble for ideas for this one so pardon the shoddiness. This would allow them to have many new attractions but would lose one of the best parts of the park. View attachment 778633

*all concepts presented are my own. I have no relation to The Walt Disney Company or anyone within it.
*made in Canva using screenshots of Walt Disney World and Disneyland maps
*representative of the alterations of the river, not the content of the land that replaces it.

Either way, the amount of money it'd take to remove the rivers is what will probably save them. I can see them shortened, but not removed. They know the love for the rivers and they know the outrage they'd get for removing them, so between that and budget I don't think they're going to fill them in.

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