My idea for a Reimagined Disneyland


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Pixar Pier

  • Rename the Pal-Around to Mickey's Fun Wheel (on the standard side)
  • Make Mickey's Wheel of Death official (on the swinging side)
  • Update Midway Mania to be more modern
  • Make the Pier rides open during WOC
  • Restore the original World Of Color (during the normal, non-holiday season)
  • Fix all the broken effects on Incredicoaster
  • Add, somewhere in the land, a "overstimulation zone" for people to de-stress as a bright, colorful, loud land can be very overstimulating for neuro-divergents, and in my experience, Pixar Pier is the worst of these. This would basically be a room where neuro-divergent guests could go sit in a climate-controlled dark room to chill.


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The only untouched lands are Buena Vista Street, Cars Land, and San Fransokyo Square. Share your thoughts below!
Next up: DisneylandForward


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This is going to be a little different. Instead of updating existing maps, I'm simply going to make "zones" on each area of art and label what I think each zone should be.

This should be a new resort inspired by the Grand Floridian and the Boardwalk. A man-made "lake" pool with an island in the middle will tie it all together, and it will be surrounded by shops, hotel buildings, and more. It will have connection to the new DisneylandForward transportation system (more on that in a bit)


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Access to the expansions would be via a themed overpass over the street, with loud area music or something to cover traffic noises. Also, I know the concept art doesn't match my descriptions, but I'm not putting in the effort to draw new concept art. Besides, it's all still very Blue-Sky for Disney anyways.
RED - Existing DTD refresh
BLUE - Existing hotel district
YELLOW - Toy Story Land. A mix of Florida's and Shanghai's, it'd be a perfect thematic fit off Pixar Pier and TSMM!
ORANGE - A version of Expedition Everest but with today's tech - a working Yeti, enhanced track, maybe an inversion, etc.
BLACK LINE - A road intersecting the expansion to connect to the Grand Californian. To the left of the line is the DCA expansion, and to the right is Disneyland.

GREEN - A version of Liberty Square like was originally planned for Disneyland. Featuring a new ride of some sort in place of Hall Of Presidents
PINK - A new villains land
TRANSPORTATION - There would be a Peoplemover type ride around the expansion, connecting the DCA expansion, hotels, Disneyland expansion, DTD, and the new hotel. It would also connect around to Tomorrowland via the Esplanade and connect to the station there, utilizing the existing track layout.


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The other concept art
same zones as before

So what do you think? Do you like this concept? If so, should I continue and do Walt Disney World? Share your thoughts below
Also BTW, when you do Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland, you could use some attractions from @orlando678- ‘s forum page

Welcome to the land dedicated to the young and young at heart. Fantasyland is where you can fly with Peter Pan, ride a pumpkin carriage with Cinderella or have a mad drive with Mr.Toad. The land´s landmark, Cinderella Castle stands tall and proud above all in the center of the park. The castle is also the gateway into this land and its walls stretch across Fantasyland seperating it from the rest of the Magic Kingdom. Inside the castle is the Cinderella´s Royal Table Restaurant. Dine with Disney princesses inside Cinderella Castle during this one-of-a/kind Fairytale Dining experience. Also inside the castle is the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Then you will find yourself in Fantasyland Village. The village will have new building facades with British, German, French, Austrian, Dutch and Scandinavian influences.
On your right is Sir Mickey´s, where you can discover the courage of the Brave Little Tailor as you climb the giant beanstalk and uncover a treasure trove of magical merchandise. Then instead of the Princess Fairytale Hall you will find a British cottage. Inside is Robin Hood´s Archery Battle. In the queue you will find yourself in a forest. In the ride you will find out that Prince John is back and has stolen the money from the inhabitants of Nottingham together with the Sherrif of Nottingham. Now Robin Hood is looking for new archery masters that can help him to invade the castle and to bring back the money to the people of Nottingham.In the queue is a audio animatronic figure of Little John on a tree bark. He will explain Robin´s plan. The ride will be a shooter ride where you board a medieval wagon. Guests will be able to´´shoot´´ arrows. First Robin Hood will train you with cardboard targets and afterwards we will invade Prince John´s castle where you will shoot his guards and soldiers. In the end we defeat Prince John and the Sherrif. The ride will use audio animatronics and screens. Next to this ride is The Friar´s Nook. Tuck into the friar´s for some tasty fare, including macaroni and cheese, hot dogs and veggies and chips with hummus, as well as beverages like lemonade slush and iced coffee.
Then there is Storybook Treats, find your fairy tale ending in a delicious meal. Next to this the Hundred Acre Goods shop where you can forage for all things Pooh and friends at this popular shop next to the attraction, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. The area around the ride will be improved to look more like the New fantasyland areas. The station building will look like a British cottage in the woods. There will be a new mural replacing the pages on the back. It will look like the map of the Hundred Acre Woods.The ride will receive a major refurbishment with new effects, new audio animatronics and added projections. Also the vehicles will be updated so that they can spin a bit and move smoother. The audio animatronics will be similar to the ones in the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Pooh´s Hunny Hunt in Tokyo. The projections in the heffalump and woozles scene will also be improved and all the flat cardboard figures and objects will become fully animated like in Pooh´s Hunny Hunt. Near the attraction you can also find Tigger and Winnie the pooh himself. After exploring this ride you can dine at Rabbit's Howse. Guests can enjoy Hundred Acre Wood dishes and healthy food from Rabbit's Garden. Guests who sit at tables near windows(digital screens showing the hundred acre wood) can see some of Pooh's friends walking by.
Further is the Wonderland sub area which will also be like the New fantasyland areas and the upcoming area in Tokyo. You will first see Mad Tea Party. Spin round and round in a giant pastel teacup during a madcap music-filled adventure. The ride will look more like the Paris version of the ride now. Next to this is the Cheshire Cafe. Appear at this quaint kiosk for muffins, whole fruit, assorted cereals with milk, iced or hot coffee, tea, cocoa, lemonade and raspberry/lemonade slushes and Minute Maid juice drinks. On the opposite side where the Tomorrowland Speedway used to be will be a large hill with a big rabbit hole. On the sides of the hill are big mushrooms. The rabbit hole faces the Seven dwarfs Mine Train to make it seem as if you haven´t entered Wonderland yet. In the queue you will pass by the mushrooms. On one of the mushrooms is an interactive caterpillar.The hill is home to a new Alice in Wonderland LPS ride. Follow Alice into Wonderland in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland the ride. The vehicles will look a bit like mushrooms. The station will look like the inside of the rabbit hole. A ridethrough will follow.
From here the vehicles move further and then enter a lift that simulates the feeling of falling down the rabbit hole. A audio animatronic Alice falls from the ceiling and the sides of the rooms are screens. The vehicles move on into a corridor getting smaller and smaller until you arrive at a door that opens. The door leads to the room full with doors. In the middle of the room is the table with the key, the drink me bottle and the eat me box. A gigantic Alice stands on the side crying and the talking door is on the side saying okay okay come and he opens his mouth for a new door. The next room is the Caucus Race scene. In the middle is an audio animatronic dodo and there are also some moving figures of the animals from the Caucus race. In the woods we see the White Rabbit running while he sings I'm Late. Alice says Oh Mr. Rabbit wait, please! Then you will find a tree trunk with Tweedledum and Tweedledee on it. They will say how do you do and shake hands. You will hear Alice saying I thinkwe should leave if we want to find the White rabbit. You will then pass the White Rabbit yelling HELP! MONSTER! MONSTER! You will see his house with a giant Alice inside. As we pass you can see Bill getting launched from the chimney by projections.We will thenbecome smaller and pass through the All in the golden afternoon scene which is very similar to the Disneyland ride scene, but it will be more open. Then two leaves move away into a new scene. In the middle of the room is a mushroom with the caterpillar on it saying Who Are You? Smoke comes from his mouth. Then you move on to the four way crossing. In the middle of the room is a board saying things as This Way , That Way etc. First you hear humming and then The Cheshire Cat appears and says Go and see the Mad Hatter and the March Hare, they are having a tea party. You will pass through the woods and at one point you see the March Hare's house. You go to the left and find yourself on the March Hare's tea table. You will see Alice, the Dormouse, the mad Hatter and the March Hare singing and dancing on the Unbirthday song, while moving tea pots make sounds and create water vapour. Then you pass through the Tulgey Wood. This scene will be quite similar to the first scene of Pooh's Hunny Hunt. THen you will see Alice saying that she will never get home. The cat appears again and opens the secret door to the castle. You are lead into the giant hedge maze and into the garden where you see Alice with the cards painting the roses red. Special projections are used to show paint spatters. Then you enter another garden. You see Alice struggling with her flamingo and the queen at her turn. Then you pass the same scene as the one in Disneyland with projected hedgehog. Then you enter the the court room. You will first see audio animatronics of the judges. Then you see the balcony with the White Rabbit, the queen and the king. Alice is guarded by the cards. The queen screams OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! You will then pass through a scene where the cheshire cat helps you escape. You will then see a small room with Alice waving goodbye You will exit the vehicle while you are still in Wonderland, because of the surrounding area. You will unload into Wonderland Shoppe where Alice in Wonderland souvenirs can be found.
Then Cosmic Ray's will be replaced by the Queen of Heart's Banquet Hall inside her castle. Two cards guard the entrance to the restaurant. Around the restaurant is a small labyrinth where guests can walk around. The restaurant will serve various Wonderland meals as the Eat me menu. There will also be various Wonderland characters meeting you while you dine. The restaurant will be similar to the Tokyo version of it. Where the Brave meet and greet is now, will be a Tulgey Wood Play Area with slides, kinetic elements, very exploratory elements and water elements.
A bit furhter back is where we can find the New fantasyland Expansion where guests can explore the worlds of Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Dumbo and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Trees in this area get new LED lights to give the area an enchanted atmosphere. The first ride guests will see is the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Race through the diamond mine from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on an adventurous family coaster. The ride will be expanded with an additional mine scene on the east side. The track is reconfigured so there is still a significant outdoor portion. There are two new outdoor scenes being Snow White in the forest with animal friends and the Seven Dwarfs on a log. This is a complex addition, but could be done during a major track refurbishment.
Further away is the world of Beauty and the Beast. You will see Maurice's cottage first. Inside is now Belle's Enchanted Story replacing Enchanted Tales with Belle. This new attraction will become a full scale animatronic experience where we travel back to the Beast's castle on the days that Belle and Prince Adam fell in love with each other. You will now explore the introduction room, the dining room, the west wing, and the library. The focus of each room moves to heavy storytelling instead of meet and greets. The existing introduction room will see the addition of Babette, Mrs. Potts and Chip audio animatronics. Then the library will be re-themed to look like the dining room where Cogsworth( AA), Lumiere(AA), Mrs.Potts(AA), Chip(AA), Belle and the other furniture sing Be our Guest. Then we enter the west wing with Belle where we find broken furniture and the majestic enchanted rose. A audio animatronic costume of the beast sends us away. We then enter the library. Here Lumiere, Cogsworth, Babette and Madame Armoire discuss the story of Belle and becoming human again. Belle then leaves as the Beast asks if she would like to dine together. Guests then exit on the south of the cottage.
Next is the Beast's castle. Inside is the Be Our Guest Restaurant. Step inside the Beast's Enchanted Castle for a delicious quick-service breakfast or lunch or a delightful sit-down dinner. Added will be meet and greet system similar to Remy with Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs.Potts and Chip. Oh, and dont forget the grey stuff, its delicious! Then you will find yourself in Belle's Provincial Town. A proud figure of Gaston and LeFou is in the center of the town. The main experience here is Gaston's Tavern, the manliest of manly places serving up snacks as roasted pork shanks, mixed vegetables cups, hummus with chips, fruit cups and warm cinnamon rolls. Also here is the Bonjour! Village Gifts shop selling Beauty and the Beast merchandise. Near the toilets will be two new buildings. One will be La Boulangerie de France selling French goods as Croissants, Pain au Chocolat and more. The other building is home to The Book Shop where various books and media accesoiries can be found.
Following is the world of the Little Mermaid. Here you can find Under the Sea~Journey of the Little Mermaid. The ride will get a update with bubbles in some scenes, better moving audio animatronics, new projections and a new Ursula figure at the end of the ride. The plastic figures in between Under the sea and Part of your world will be removed and the focus will be put on Atlantica on a screen where merfolk come from and go to. Also Ariel, Sebastian, Flounder and even the shark can be seen swimming around from time to time. The figures in the Under the Sea scene will be replaced by more motion-able figures. Flotsam and Jetsam will be moved to the Kiss the Girl scene hiding from the boat. You can hear Ursula whispering Stop them! Stop that kiss! The next scene will be changed a bit. The scene will look as if you are looking through an arch of cliffs. In the back you see Ursula being electrocuted and in the front are two animatronics of Eric and Ariel. Ariel wears her blue dress and gets raised by Eric, saying so it was you all the time or you can talk! The final scene will remain the same.Facing the ride is Prince Eric's Village Market. Revitalize your appetite at this energetic stand where you can find various food from Eric's kingdom. Also here in the Mermaid Lagoon is Ariel's Grotto, where guests can meet the undersea princess, Ariel.
Last, but not least is Storybook Circus. On the right is the dueling Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction. There will be no queue like they have now, but I would like to add a small quick service so older guests can enjoy small snacks and beverages while waiting. On the opposite side is Big Top Souvenirs. Come one, come all and gather round this three-ring extravaganza for a magical circus packed with zesty snacks, sweet treats and unforgettable souvenirs. Another ride here is The Barnstormer starring the Great Goofini where you take flight above Storybook Circus with Goofy and his homemade stunt airplanes for a thrilling junior roller coaster ride. Next to the Great Goofini ride is the Fantasyland station for the Walt Disney World Railroad. Set the kids loose for fun under the sun at this whimsical open play area inspired by the circus locomotive from Walt Disney's Dumbo at the Casey Jr. Splash 'N' Soak Station. Also here is the Casey jr. RailRoad Mercantile shop.
Another new ride here is the Astounding Donaldo Snakecharmer Spin, which is similar to Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin. In the ride you will board a vehicle themed to a snake while you hear Donaldo playing his flute. The music will hypnotize the snake to move forwards and backwards. In the queue is a audio animatronic figure similar to Mr.Potato Head in Toy Story Mania. He yells, Come one, come all to see the Great Donaldo performing his most astonishing act ever and today he is going to need volunteers.In the back is a new dark ride called Mickey's Madcap Circus replacing Pete's Silly Side Show( Thanks DisneyManOne).

Next to this new dark ride is Bongo's Circus Cafe. Themed to the circus bear's tent, this restaurant will serve various American snacks as corn dogs, burgers, hot dogs, ice cream and more! Don't forget to see the Circus band, Main Street Philharmonic at Storybook Circus with the three clowns.
And now we will move back to Fantasyland Village. On the left of the castle is Castle Couture. See Aurora's magic color-changing dress, pick your own princess outfit and pose for a royal portrait at this boutique. Next to this shop is a new dark ride called Sleeping Beauty's Daring Tale( Thanks tcool). The exterior of the ride would be themed to the woodcutter's cottage where the three fairies lived with Aurora/ Briar Rose. Fantasy Faire will be replaced by Fairly Magic Corner, where you can find Sleeping Beauty and Disney sorcerer merchandise. In the center is the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel. Spin around, up and down to joyous music atop a regal steed at this classic attraction inspired by Disney's Cinderella. In front of the caroussel is the Sword in the Stone Ritual, where Merlin finds out who the king or queen of Fantasyland is. Also in the center of Fantasyland Village are the Royal Majesty Makers giving the people a great time in Fantasyland.

Moving on, you can find Peter Pan's Flight. Fly over London with Peter Pan aboard a magical pirate ship to Neverland. First of all, the building will be changed into a British house made of wood and brick tiles. The roof is red and above the roof is a small iron figure of the Tick-Tock Crocodile. The logo will remain the same on the new building, but at night LED lights make it look as if Tinkerbell is right there! The queue will be the same as the one you can explore today. On the outdoor section however I would like to add silhouette figures of Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Wendy, John, Michael, Cptain Hook, Smee, Nana, Tiger Lily and the Tick Tock Crocodile which move every 20 seconds or so and on the inside I would only add an audio animatronic Nana that would react to the guests. A mural similar to the one in Paris will be created to make it look as if we are flying into and are actually standing on top of a roof. At the station is a change in loading system. The vehicles won't stop for loading, but will keep moving, so that we can avoid long waiting lines. Then new 4 seater vehicles will be created with new technology similar to the upcoming ride in Shanghai. The KUKA arm technology will allow the ships to experience the adventure better and to get closer to the magic. The original track will be replaced by a new track fitting the KUKA system. Also say farewell to the cracking sounds made by the vehicles and the track.

The ride itself won't have added scenes, because there isn't any space, but the present scenes will all be changed to be more from the 21st century, but with the charms of the original ride. All of the audio animatronics will be replaced by advanced full-motion audio animatronics. As guests board their flying pirate ships, LED lights make it look as if pixie dust is making the vehicle fly. Then we fly through the window into the Darling house. Guests see three fully animated audio animatronics, being Wendy, Micael and John starting to fly by pixie dust. A projection on the wall makes it look as if Tinkerbell is flying in the room too. As we head outside we see a new projected shadow of Peter Pan saying Come on, everybody, here we go! Next, we head outside where we hear an instrumental version of You can fly and we also hear and see an audio animatronic Nana in the garden below. On your left is a lit window with the silhouettes of Mr and Mrs Darling. You can hear Mr Darling say What the dickens?! New buildings are added and again we see Tinkerbell fly around. Then by a cloud fog effect we fly over London. This scene will be changed similar to the Disneyland version. We hear Peter saying There it is. Second star to the right and straight on till morning! The vehicles turn to see the Second star to the right and shadows of Peter and the children. We pass through another cloud and then see Neverland below us. The scene will again be similar to the revamped version of Disneyland's ride. In the water I would like to create an opportunity where you can see the crocodile in the waters around Captain Hook's ship and mermaids in the water near mermaid lagoon. Captain Hook will say Here they come, Mr Smee! Shoot em dwn! and Smee says Aye aye Cap'n!. You will hear the sound of the cannonball and by wind effects it will feel as if the cannonball has just missed us. Then we move to Skull Rock where a new figure of Tiger Lily can be seen in the water. New motion based audio animatronics are placed in the next scene. Pan and Hook will be similar to the dueling pirates found in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Paris. Peter Pan will be on the left and Captain Hook will be on the right. Also the crocodile will be replaced by a new figure licking his teeth while waiting for a snack. The indians will have bettermovements and the head will say UGH! Then we move to the next scene seeing pirates knocked out and Peter and the Darlings( replaced by better figures) controlling the ship. The shiplights up by Tinkerbell's pixie dust. Then we see Captain Hook yelling Smee inside the mouth of the crocodile. Smee will actually row this time and will also speak saying ye..yes Cap'n. The last scene will be refurbed with new LED and waving mermaids.
Now we will explore a new area of Fantasyland. The Tangled area, It's A Small World and Pinocchio's Village Haus will be removed and new walls like the ones to New Fantasyland will be added. Yes, there is going to be another New Fantasyland expansion. In this expansion you can explore the worlds of Tangled, Frozen, Mr. Toad and Pinocchio. Let's explore Tangled first. This area will cover three locations from the movie, being Corona, Snuggly Duckling and Tangled Tower. Corona will be quite similar to the present restrooms, but more in the shape of Belle's Town. Going to Corona is similar to going to Beast's castle, over a bridge. Then you will arrive at a square with a fountain and various lanterns hanging above. From time to time Rapunzel, Flynn and the inhabitants of Corona come together for a dance on the square. In the background are miniature buildings and castle. Inside the hill is Corona Castle Dining Hall, a restaurant themed to look a bit like the Corona Castle crown room. At the Corona Market guests can find whole fruit, slush, bread dishes, hot dogs, turkey legs and more. Also in town is Pascal's Goods, a shop for Tangled souvenirs. The Maximus Pub will also be present. Inside hangs a mighty portrait of the famous horse guard, Maximus.
Another place we can visit in the world of Tangled is the Snuggly Duckling Tavern. This new table service will immerse guests into the ruffian restaurant from Tangled. From time to time the Pub Thugs, Rapunzel and Flynn sing I've got a dream with the guests. A bit further is a full-scale version of Tangled Tower, but actually as it gets higher it gets smaller, like Cinderella castle on a smaller scale. Rough cliffs and a beautiful waterfall lay behind the tower. Inside the secret passage of the tower is the entrance of the indoor portion of the new Tangled: A Hairy Tale ride. In the queue guests can play interactive games as finding Pascal, making wanted posters or lanterns and singing for the magic flower. Then at the station inside the cliffs is a beautiful mural painted by Rapunzel. The mural moves from time to time( floating lanterns). Next guests get to board their vehicles, floating lanterns that rise and descend and even flicker. The vehicles will be held by KUKA arms. The ride will be the same as the one seen on the picture below. I'd like to add one more scene though, between the dam and the romantic campfire scene. The vehicles will enter a cave with a loud bang behind them as if rocks have blocked the way back. Inside the cave are floating figures of Rapunzel, Flynn and Pascal holding their breath ''under water''. Rapunzel's hair will light up from time to time. The hair will move to the exit of the cave and then to the romantic campfire scene.
Next is the world of Pinocchio. Here we will explore Pinocchio's small Italian village. The village lies next to a lagoon where big cliffs can be found. In a hole of one of the cliffs you can see Monstro being stuck inside the rocks. In the town you can visit two shops being Gepetto's Workshop and Stromboli's puppet wagon, a restaurant being Pinocchio's Village Haus, a small show inside Stromboli's Theatre using audio animatronic puppets and the ride of the area being Pinocchio and the Escape from Monstro. You would enter via a Italian Alpine house. Inside however you will walk around the town of Pinocchio. In the queue you will find out that Pinocchio is looking for his father, Geppetto who is nowhere to be seen. Also in the queue is a audio animatronic Jiminy Cricket telling the guests about Geppetto's missing and he asks if we would want to help to find him back. The loading station is in a Italian dockhouse. The rafts looking similar to the one in the movie will be hand carved as if they are from Geppetto's Workshop. The raft won't be arena seating, but theater seating with two rows of four people. The vehicle will also have omnimover capabilities to turn whenever needed.
The first few scenes will be indoor and will have very advanced characters. In the first scene we see Pinocchio and Jiminy in the town. Pinocchio yells Swallowed by a whale?!, Jiminy replies But he's alive! Inside Monstro the whale at the bottom of the sea! The vehicle turns away. We hear Pinocchio running and saying We gotta find him!. You then drop down from a cliff ''into the water'' with an emphasis of being soaked. Then with special effects a underwater feeling is created. Jiminy is followed by some fish and Pinocchio. You will see many underwater creatures and plants and then you hear Pinocchio calling out Father?!. Pinocchio is walking with the school of fish and Jiminy is stuck inside the bubble. Next, a bunch of fish fly past you, air breezing in your face. The vehicles move up as if we rise from the water, while we actually come from a seaside cave. Here is the outside portion where you see Monstro's tale. It soaks the boat and then goes back underwater. Then Monstro's face rises from the water in front of another cliff. We then drop down into Monstro's mouth, but it would actually look as if Monstro would be coming for us instead of we going to him. Once you enter the mouth more water drenches you and once inside the darkness of his mouth you uncontrollably spin. Inside we see a rocking boat. Geppetto and Pinocchio are hugging each other and Figaro is perched on top excited. You turn away from the action and your raft starts rocking. You hear Pinocchio say We gotta get out of here, Geppetto says But how?!, on which Pinocchio then replies We'll make him sneeze! You turn and see Pinocchio, Geppetto, Figaro and Cleo on a seperate raft burning wood causing a black cloud of smoke to appear. You hear Monstro is getting angry, puffing for air, intensely and shaky. Then we come closer to the big drop. Wind blows at our faces, holding you back from your escape, while water jumping around and splashing you. Pinocchio and Geppetto can be heard paddling and yelling trying to get out of his mouth. You hear the sneeze as its about to come out. SH-BOOM. Your raft gets launched down a 20 foot drop into the lagoon where Monstro can be seen stuck inside the hole of the cliffs. You pass a beach hidden from the audience of the park. Here Pinocchio lies unconscious while Geppetto shakes him frantically. We then enter an indoor scene inside Geppetto's house. You can first see the Blue fairy casting her spell. After this your raft turns only to see Pinocchio on his bed with Geppetto saying I'm/ You're a real boy!! They celebrate with Figaro, Cleo and the clocks. You unload into Geppetto's Workshop shop.
Now let's move on to Arendelle. This area will be very immersive. Inside Arendelle Castle is Frozen Sleigh Journey, a trackless sleigh ride. This ride will be a more thrilling way of telling the story of the two sisters. In the queue you can talk to Olaf, sing with ice crystals and play frozen minigames. Guests board their sleigh looking similar to the Gringotts vehicles. The vehicles can switch from track to trackless in the ride. The first scene will be For the first time in forever with Anna in the halls. Then huge doors open and we arrive at Elsa's coronation. A choir stands in the back creating an atmosphere. Then we see the party. Our vehicle turns only to see Elsa saying Enough! and ice spikes and ice are/is formed. We then see Hans and Anna saying Stop, we gotta find her. Our vehicles go outside as if we glide over the ice. We meet Kristoff, Sven and Olaf. Now we experience wolve attacks, Marshmallow attacks and blizzards with the use of special effects, audio animatronics, projections and screens. We then enter Elsa's ice palace where we see Elsa( AA) transforming and via projections you see the castle being formed. We move through a tunnel and in the ice you see reflections of Anna getting hit by Elsa's powers. We move on to encounter the trolls. Anna passes out and her hair turns more white. You hear Pabbie say Only love can thaw a frozen heart. We then rush down a hill with Olaf(AA) gliding next to your vehicle. We are on the frozen lake and see Sven and Kristoff rushing to save Anna, a crying Elsa, Hans with a sword and Anna jumping in front of it and freeze. We turn around and see Anna thawed by Elsa's love. Then we enter the last scene where we see Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven waving us goodbye.
In Arendelle are other things to explore like Arendelle Quality Chocolate, Sven's Equipment Store, Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna, Elsa's Ice Palace( table service), Frozen Funland( indoor play area similar to the Wandering Oaken indoor experience) and Arendelle Royal Hall( meet and greet for Anna and Elsa).
The last area of Fantasyland is based on Mr. Toad. Here you can dine at Winkie's Pub( English meals) or ride Mr. Toad's Motor Mania. This ride will be an elaborately themed attraction, which combines elements of a traditional dark ride and a high speed outdoor track. Guests enter Toad Hall where they learn that they may be Toad's only hope of once again breaking out of the Tower of London. After succesfully escaping the Tower and wreaking havoc on the English countryside, guests vehicles will splash across a river before plunging into the main show building and the Wild Wood, a dark and dangerous place. Guests approach the ride by walking past the English Countryside. In the distance is Toad Hall, the ancestral home of J. Thaddeus Toad. To the right of Toad Hall is Ratty's house, built on the edge of the river and beneath the drooping boughs of an aged willow tree. You can dine on the terrace of Ratty's Riverside Deck restaurant. Inthe queue we enter Toad Hall and find out that Toad is again imprisoned, this time for his reckless driving. The queue winds through Toad's home and ends up in the carriage house. Here we are loaded into an antique motorcar and zoom out onto the grounds.
We barrel over the crowded streets of London, avoiding obstacles and forcing townspeople to scatter for safety. As we leave behind the madness, we head to our destination, the forbidding Tower of London. we crash into the gates and surprisingly see the guards unconcious and slumped against the wall with large lumps on their heads. With a sudden crash Toad flies into the view. He is using his ball and chain around his ankle to careen around the cell, smashing into the stone walls, with the keys in his hands. This illusion is created with the use of strategically glass panels and digital animation of Toad which is projected from areas beyond guests' view. Ho Ho, you're just in time! Toad says. Toad hurls his ball over our heads( thanks to physical effects) and goes sailing out of sight. We pursue and see Toad's shadow( another projection) on a far wall, unlocking his shackles. As our car rounds a pillar we see that Toad in the flesh( AA) is free of his ball and chain gesturing to the large prison door, which is open for our escape. A loud train whistle is heard. There is my ride now says Toad as we escape the tower. Your vehicles move outside where a moving train is coming our way. We escape the train and find our car back among the pleasant green hills of the English countryside. We see sheep here and there, but our noisy approach causes them to scatter and disrupts the daily life of the shepherds and thier flocks. Even a cunning wolf about to pounce can't help but stop and stare as we pass. One poor shepherd finds his entire flock cowering in his arms. The tower of sheep totters precariously over our car as we pass.Then our vehicles go down a hill into the river. We cause quite a commotion with the waves created by the car. Ratty who is out enoying a row shouts recriminations at us, while they try to get thier boat under control again. The Ratty character would be waterproof and simple in his motions. The illusion is helped by the soundtrack, the natural motion of the boat and ours and the speed at which the guests cars pass the figures. The river is narrow at this point and we see a pack of weasels waiting for us on the other bank. We can tell by the way they greedily eye our motorcar, that they are up to no good. As our car reaches the other bank, we send up a great splash and the surprised weasels are left soaked on the riverbank. They will have simple movements and will also be waterproof. Our path turns away from the river and takes us towards the looming trees. In a shadowy glen we see the house of Mr.Mole and our car takes us in. Inside we find a stressed Mr. Mole and various figures of weasels ruining Mole's house. We go outside and find ourselves in Wild Wood. Here other weasels can be seen trying to get us off the way and to make us crash. Our cars accelerate and crash into cardboard weasels. We then race to badger's house. He yells at us telling that we have to hurry back to Toad Hall. We exit and crash into policemen yelling STOP STOP. We drive past cliffs. Another car with weasels in them drives next to us( it will be a real car with audio animatronic weasels on another track). The vehicle gets pushed by the weasels. Then we go around the corner where we loose the weasels. Then we meet them again, but the car brakes and the vehicle with weasels( a different one than the one that tries to crash into us) falls down the cliffs. Our car turns and the police says Sorry, we see that the weasels were the real villains. Then we enter Toad Hall where Mr. Toad thanks you for helping him escape. We get back to the station and unload.

- Cinderella Castle
- Robin Hood's Archery Battle
- The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
- Mad Tea Party
- Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
- Tulgey Wood Play Area
- Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
- Belle's Enchanting Story
- Under the Sea~Journey of the Little Mermaid
- Dumbo the Flying Elephant
- The Barnstormer starring the Great Goofini
- Walt Disney World Railroad
- Casey Jr. Splash 'N' Soak Station
- Mickey's Madcap Circus
- The Astounding Donaldo's Snakecharming Spin
- Sleeping Beauty's Daring Tale
- Prince Charming Regal Carrousel
- Peter Pan's Flight
- Tangled: A Hairy Tale
- Pinocchio and the Escape from Monstro
- Frozen Sleigh Journey
- Frozen Funland
- Mr. Toad's Motor Mania

- Cinderella's Royal Table
- Friar's Nook
- Storybook Treats
- Chershire Cafe
- Rabbit’s Howse
- Queen Of Hearts Banquet Hall
- Gaston's Tavern
- Be Our Guest Restaurant
- Prince Eric's Village Market
- Bongo's Circus Cafe
- Corona Castle Dining Hall
- Corona Market
- The Maximus Pub
- The Snuggly Duckling Tavern
- Pinocchio's Village Haus
- Elsa's Ice Palace
- Winkie's Pub
- Ratty's Riverside Deck

- Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
- Sir Mickey's
- Hundred Acre Goods
- Wonderland Shoppe
- Bonjour! Village Gifts
- La Boulangerie de France
- The Bookshop
- Big Top Souvenirs
- Casey Jr. RailRoad Mercantile
- Castle Couture
- Fairly Magic Corner
- Pascal's Goods
- Geppetto's Workshop
- Stromboli's Puppet Wagon
- Arendelle Quality Chocolate
- Sven's Equipment Post
- Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna

- Main Street Philharmonic at Storybook Circus
- Sword in the Stone Royal Ritual
- Corona Village Dance
- I've got a Dream revue at Snuggly Duckling
- The Stromboli Theater presents: Pinocchio

Meet and greets:
- Royal Majesty Makers
- Cinderella, Prince Charming, Lady Tremaine, Drizella and Anastasia and Fairy Godmother
- Robin Hood, Little John, Maid Marian, Friar Tuck, Prince John and Sheriff of Nottingham
- Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Rabbit and Christopher Robin
- Alice, White Rabbit, March Hare, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat( puppet) and Queen of Hearts
- Snow White, Seven Dwarfs, The Prince, The Hag
- Belle, Beast and Gaston
- Ariel and Eric
- Dumbo
- Mickey circus characters
- Merida
- Aurora, Prince Philippe, Three Fairies and Maleficent
- Peter Pan, Wendy, John, Smee and Hook
- Rapunzel, Flynn and Mother Gothel
- Pinocchio, Geppetto, Honest John and Gideon, Stromboli and Blue Fairy
- Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Marshmallow(puppet), Olaf( puppet) and Hans
- Mr. Toad


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Presenting Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.png

  • Trolley tracks get brickwork. The bricks make it absolutely beautiful while at the same time preventing people from tripping on the tracks.
  • Gut the gift shop next to the Mickey Mouse meet and greet to expand the Theater backstage with a modified version of Disneyland's Great Moments with Mister Lincoln
  • Reconfigure the Flag Retreat Ceremony to not use modern microphones (for better time-setting), longer with more songs including the military salute, to be more like Disneyland's far superior Retreat, etc.
Simple update today but look out for more Magic Kingdom soon! Just wanted to get this update posted to appease @Disney-Universal Fanboy
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  • Add the brickwork
  • Add Walt's - an American Restaurant from Disneyland Paris, or something of the sort, in which you get to go upstairs on some of the Main Street buildings for a unique vantage point of fireworks, parades, the Dans, etc.
  • Reconfigure the Main Street Philharmonic to be more like the Disneyland Band with choreography, singing, performing more official performances such as parades with characters and the Dans, etc.

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