Muppets ride EPCOT's 'Journey into Imagination with Figment' in new video


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IDK.. they posted a video of Gonzo and Robin in front of spaceship earth talking about how great Epcot is.

Muppets wouldn’t be a bad host for imagination pavilion and it would be IP for the pavilion.
They are owned under the Disney parks, Expereinces and Products..Not under the Movie side of the company..
Which is why they did this since they are under the Parks branch and not the Film Studio...


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Possibly unrelated, but has it been confirmed that dreamfinder will be in the imagination movie? Hopefully it’s not a movie about the stupid institute or whatever it’s called


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Exactly, it never made sense for Captain EO and the Disney+ 3d snooze fest..When the Floor movement, air & water sprayers were installed for magic Eye it was meant for Honey I shrunk The Audience and I would rather it be back since we still have Channing in the attraction and still not budging to leave plus there is still plans on the new HoneyI shrunk film coming it'd be nice to see a cleanup of this.
I would be all for that, given I loved HISTA as a kid.

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