Muppets ride EPCOT's 'Journey into Imagination with Figment' in new video


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Is the joke supposed to be that Walter doesn't know what the ride is about or did the writers actually not know what the ride is about (and the joke is supposed to be that Gonzo is weird)?

Sorry to over analyze, but I didn't laugh and am trying to figure out what they were going for.


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I still think the connection of muppet performers doing Figment goes way back further for this test run of the puppet version as his voice sounds a lot like Kermit's nephew Robin voiced by Jerry Nelson.

Inspired Figment

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‘Or’ how about just learn from the mistake that retheming to film IP (in the most recent/last case, Honey I Shrunk IP) was a mistake and that there were no issues with Dreamfinder & the original Imagination theme. As such, it should be restored back to its former glory w tech & spfx enhancements/upgrades. Not ‘yet another’ unneccesary film or tv IP overlay.

Slapping the Muppets onto the current ride is going to do ‘nothing’ except continue on the same issue that started with the Honey I Shrunk IP retheming in Journey Into YOUR Imagination and the With Figment version that came right after it. Figment doesn’t ‘need’ tv or film IP to be relevant. It’s on the same level as something like Haunted Mansion. It works as it own thing. Fine if you maybe wanna do a Muppets themed special on Disney Plus.. but a ‘permanent’ ride overlay? Please no. Instead, for the Muppets, why not expand the Muppets Courtyard like originally planned with the Great Muppet Movie ride & the elaborately themed restaurant rather than the bare minimum thing we have now?


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They’re nowhere close to doing this…but I could see it being investigated for a couple of reason:

1. Bobs ego is wounded…because he messed up and left, wasn’t viewed as a savior and has since gotten called on the carpet…

So an old fan favorite may pack more PR punch than it actually adds.

2. It’s a ride redo…which save for tron and rat is really the only thing he’ll do. People forget that even avatar was an original park area dumped due to budget that had a lot of the groundwork laid prior.

3. First time I really believe this…but they are under pressure from uni to build. I’m probably the last to think of it as a “threat”

But uni isn’t adding Jimmy Fallon here…

It’s a massive, Epcot/dak sized park with IP and thousands of new rooms…likely with more to follow.

Disneys problem: Bobs. as in they started the “slow roll” construction for investment dilution and PR exploitation.
So now after tron opening in a month…they have NOTHING coming for 5 years.
Nothing. Bobs. They decided this approach was good.

So let’s see if anything comes of this? If they were smart…walls should be going up.
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Not gonna lie, I'd be down for a Muppets retheme/overhaul of Figment. Think about it, you're transported through Muppet Labs as Bunsen and Beaker attempt to see into imagination and things go wrong in true Muppet fashion. Throw in some truly wacky gags, and maybe keeping Figment to cause some mayhem with the Muppets and we'd have a worthy replacement on our hands.

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