Muppet Vision 3D - New Projection Effect


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Fireworks were working in full order as of today. The bubbles were pumping out at a good rate as well, however they only fell over about 1/3-1/2 of the theater.

They were working as of today.

Also worth noting the “burning rubber” fog effect was MIA again.

Seats are also still in rough shape. Otherwise the show is looking better than it has in at least 10 years or more.
What about the mis-shot arrows from the finale?


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Very nice. I wanted to make a joke about it (just in fun), but honestly this has such a place in my heart from when I was younger that I'm just excited to see it get something new.


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When the show started, I remember thinking, "I don't think I've noticed Conductor Penguin and orchestra penguins quite so much before." Did they clean these up, light them better?


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A while back I also recall a photo that the Muppet Banners on the sides of the Marquee were gone as they looked a bit faded..Were those replaced??


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Genuinely happy to see this maintained. It still makes me laugh after 3 decades. Now just close it for a few weeks to reupholster the seats and we are good!
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Saw the show today. Last seen it in 2019.

Looking as great as ever. Those upgrades to the wall projections look very good. Love the fog effects on the main screen and walls.




Also kinda unrelated, but the courtyard fountain is still behind planters as of today (10/3). Taken from second floor of PizzaRizzo.


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Very nice but please don’t call it projection mapping.

Do you know what are they using for the effect?

Based on the videos it's almost certainly digital projection, but projection mapping implies the 3D projection surface is accounted for and taken advantage of, e.g. projections on the castle, which is not the case here.

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