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MSEP coming to Orlando?

Brad Bishop

Well-Known Member
I grew up with the MSEP. I have fond memories of it and, yes, it probably is my favorite parade.

That being said: I'm tired of it. (of course, I no longer go so it doesn't matter - more room for the rest of you!)

I saw Paint the Night when I was at DL years back and really liked that parade, it just wasn't polished. If they took the MSEP and LED'd it up like PTN, that could be a really cool combination (worthy of the 50th - it may even be better than Kite Tales!)


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And the Castle Float


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I'm honestly kinda disappointed they didn't wheel that thing out on 10/1. Then again, we wouldn't want them to go overboard. There was so much recognition of the occasion already. :rolleyes:
Technically it did come out on 10/1 for the princess cavalcade


Premium Member
As long as it is not returning to the Magic Kingdom... Hard to believe with all the cancelled attractions and plussing for the 50th we didn't at least get a new version of Spectromagic or something new...

I love the MSEP as much as anyone, but I don’t want it back at MK. I’d rather have SpectroMagic back, but penny pinching managers made sure that will never happen.

I would take MSEP, PtN, a new version of Spectro, something completely new and different - anything that returns a true night parade to MK.


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Meh, MSEP is a classic but it's, old, dated and past it. I'd take it over nothing any day but growing up visiting WDW, it was always Spectromagic and I'd visit Paris often also too where they had Fantillusion. I don't have any nostalgia for MSEP, first time seeing it in person was during Summer Nightastic in 2011 and even then I wasn't particularly impressed.

If they built a brand new MSEP with brand new floats with new technology with old and modern IPs thrown in I'd be down but constantly trundling out the same old 50 year old parade after announcing it's 'glowing away forever' over and over, it starts to get annoying.

I think a refreshed Paint the Night would work great at WDW for the 50th however, Disneyland can keep the MSEP.


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In Seattle there was a local sketch comedy show called Almost Live. Joe McHale used to be an intern there. Anyway, the MSEP has long turned into one of their more memorable skits

Found the most accurate video for the current state of MSEP.

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