Trip Report Moving Maddy In! Experiencing Disney in a New Way

Several months back, Maddy had decided she wanted to apply for the Disney College Program. Crystal knew she had interest, but I had no idea. So this past November, I got the surprise that not only had she applied, but already had been accepted. As much as I love Disney, I wasn’t sure what to think since she was only starting her freshman year at USC. But, of course I was certain she could handle things. Now, here we are 24 hours away from making the last 6 and a half hour drive from Columbia, SC to Disney for a family weekend over Easter and her move in on Monday!


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Sounds like the start of a great adventure



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Thanks for all of the well wishes.

I was up early. Although we put a lot of Maddy’s things in storage yesterday, we still have a lot to fit in the car for the ride down.

We had some coffee and breakfast, and Maddy left for her only class today. If all goes well, we will be on the road by 9:30. Hope to meet up with Brayden at Coronado around 5 to watch the South Carolina women play Indiana.

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