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most underrated ride?

S.I.R. the Robot

Active Member
Pooh. It was my childhood favourite. Also Buzz, because I'm a fan of that aesthetic (It's a long story...) And ITTBAB (even though I've never been to AK.)

Some underrated rides thru out history...
Alien Encounter (It apparently wasn't popular. S.I.R. is my favourite park-exclusive character.)
Body Wars (Since I'm a fan of the human body, I like this ride. I'm even fine with a woman being used as the body we go inside, because of my theory I posted on this site. Heck, I gave her an identity; if you ever hear me talking about "Regina," that's who I'm referring to.)
Sounds Dangerous (Fun little show at DHS. It even has Drew "Gepetto" Carey as the star. Not sure if my kid self would've handled it, though. I know my preteen self would, because she handled Stitch.)
Snow White's Adventures (Yes, the "sCaRy" 1971 version of the ride. I like it because of how flat-out insane it is, and the speed of the Omnimovers, especially when they went round turns.)
Honey, I Shrunk the Audience (I had a strange fascination with this one as a child, even though you'd expect me to like Captain EO better. I do like EO, but the nostalgia of HISTA gets in the way. Although I cannot look at videos of this one on YouTube, due to a certain creepy commenter obsessed with giant Diane Szalinski stalking them.)
If You Had Wings (Lovely history of flight coupled with a haunting score.)
World of Motion (Gary Owens. 'Nuff said.)


Well-Known Member
COP is my personal favorite. But underrated goes to Pooh for Magic Kingdom.
Epcot It has to be the Land, with Grand Fiesta a close second.
AK its Navi, the scenery and the shaman are wow!!
for HS my wife and I love the Muppets.


Well-Known Member
MK - People Mover, moves quick enough to get some cool breeze, interesting sight seeing and never a line
Epcot - Journey into the imagination, I know people hated the changes but don't tell me 'one little spark' and figment aren't fun
HS - Tie between Muppet Vision and Star Tours (Especially now with Galaxies Edge)
AK - Dinosaur, fun thrill ride, actually decent store plus some of the ride Easter eggs.

Big Phil

Well-Known Member
It's a Small World is always the butt of jokes but it's a classic...it's THE classic. Not only was it Walt's first attraction, it is awash in Mary Blair's art and color and the Sherman Brothers' music and is absolutely quintessential Disney. If you want to show anyone what Disney is as an art form it is IASW. Not to mention it is a refreshing and calm boat ride away from the combat zone that is the parks. I, for one, can't get enough.

I love Small World too, a classic and a gem. But was it really Walt's first attraction? It came out in 1964 at the World's Fair. Then placed in Disneyland in 1966. Maybe I am missing something and it was made long before that but just shelved perhaps?


Well-Known Member
I believe they are considered an attraction, but I always liked the wildlife trails at Animal Kingdom. The staff always makes sure the animals are in view by using enrichment to keep the animals entertained, and the scenery and jungles provide a nice escape from the rest of the park.

The Colonel

Well-Known Member
Nobody mentioned Captain EO? Nothing says family entertainment like the sight of a grown man with a hockey goalie cup under his white leather jumpsuit with kneepads, spinning around grabbing his crotch with a falsetto "whoop".

Good times...


Well-Known Member
I'm going to add Alien Swirling Saucers.

It's silly, it's got fun music, it's cute, good lighting at night, it's an old fashioned "whip" ride. It makes us smile. :)

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