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most underrated ride?


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Tomorrowland Speedway.

Seriously, it's a nice long ride, peaceful but silly fun and you can take great pictures. It's like a Sunday drive, with noise and fumes! :D

We went on twice last trip, day and night!


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I tried the swinging death buckets once. I got so motion sick that I had to get off after going around only once instead of twice. NEVER AGAIN!

I'm dying! I have a very had time on ferris wheels and I cannot even begin to imagine getting on one where the cars do more than swing a little. I just told my daughter I'd probably like be one of those people you on rollercoasters that pass out in the beginning, then wake up and pass out again. LOL!

I love Muppets and Philharmagic, but the peoplemover is my favorite for a relaxing break and views of the crowds below.


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Mission Space. Gets flak for a variety of reasons (story, horizons, motion sickness), but I love it. Will never get built again, but it's amazing.


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Very love it or hate it opinions surrounding it, and I found it underwhelming before. In the last year when I had more consistent access to the parks, it has quickly become one of my favorites at the resort.


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I agree with those who cited Gran Fiesta Tour. Particularly considering the lack of rides in World Showcase, it has always seemed a shame to me this (and previously El Rio del Tiempo) tend to get overlooked and barely have a wait.

As for DLR, I've always thought Pinocchio was an underrated Fantasyland dark ride. It's another one nobody seems to think of, but I like more than Snow White at least.


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My kids were possibly the only people who loved primeval whirl. For rides still running now, maybe Dumbo. It's so old, but i never seem to outgrow it's simplicity. Also I like Pooh over Peter Pan. I don't think many disney rides are truly under-rated though since almost every ride has a very loyal following.


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This and the storybook canal boat ride are the two things i want to do the most when i finally go to disneyland

The rides are great both day and night. During the day you can see the scenery better, but at night Storybookland takes on a whole different feel. Even the miniature shrubs have the same "twinkling lights" as the real ones in the hub of the park.

At DLR it’s got to be Alice in Wonderland! Best dark ride!

Have to agree it's the best of the 5 in Fantasyland. It's the longest, the only one with two floors and to go in and outside, plus it can only be found at Disneyland in California.
It really is the most terrifying ride! Good pick. So for me, I really like the Tiki Birds show. Growing up my family went to it once and we always joked about how awful it was every trip back and never did it again. I think it probably had to do with waiting really long that day and it not being what we expected, I remember my mother being particularly baffled by it. Since then I went again with my own family and we all adore it. There are so many details to look for all around and it's always a nice break from the hustle and bustle. It is old time Walt kind of ride that has stood the test of time and like Pirates or Haunted Mansion it just screams classic Disney, but it doesn't get the same love those attraction do.
Funny - I never appreciated it as a kid either and now my family loves it.

When I was young, my family, at least the kids, all joked about how boring COP was - and now we all love it as well. This was the era when 'Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow' was missing, so maybe that hurt it for us.

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