Most Memorable Character Interaction For You?


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I want to hear stories from your funniest or favorite character interaction in the parks! Which one is the most memorable moment for you and your family?

The first time we took our kids back in 2012, it was alllll about the princesses for our girls. They were super sweet and excited to meet the princesses, but nothing tops my son meeting his favorites- the Cars!!- when we went to our room at Art of Animation in 2016. My son has autism, and has been pretty much obsessed with Lightning McQueen and all things Cars since he was just a tiny baby. He continually watches all the movies, and he has so many of the toys I can't even keep up with which ones he has anymore.

When we planned our trip in 2016, we explained to our girls that we were going to stay at AoA for him, and by the time we were checking in, all of us were so excited to see his reaction we could hardly stand it. My mom went with us, and kept harping on the fact that the cabins at Fort Wilderness would have been a much better deal, but I told her "When you see the look on Sawyer's face, you will understand. It will be worth every penny." And it totally was....

We were put in the Mater building, so we moved our car down near the building and then proceeded to walk into Radiator Springs right next to Sarge's Surplus Hut. When my son was younger, he would do this thing when he was overwhelmed or overly excited where he would kinda squat and draw his hands in to kind of draw into himself and control his emotions. As soon as he saw the sign for Sarge's, he started saying "Cars! McQueen!" The moment he laid eyes on Sarge, and then immediately saw the cones of the Cozy Cone Motel (the pool!) he did his "thing". We had to coax him along, but the moment he saw Lightning McQueen and Sally and the Wheel Well Motel, he started jumping up and down and flapping his little hands with the biggest grin on his face. Once the initial excitement set in, he had to walk up to and hug and kiss each one of the cars. My husband and I, along with our girls, all cried at his excitement at meeting them. LOL I didn't get him kissing Lightning, because I was crying, but here he is just before he walked over and laid his head on Lightning McQueen's hood to "hug" him:

As my son walked around hugging and kissing the Cars, I asked my mom "So what do you think? Worth every penny?" She nodded, tears in her own eyes, and said "Absolutely. And then some!" ;)
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