Monorail Update January 2015


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Maybe, but, I would take my chances on the ramp before I would even consider the stairs. Stairs are not safer then ramps in my humble opinion. Those ramps are fairly wide and if you get pushed or slip you aren't going to fall down a flight of stairs, the worst you will do is roll a few feet. So it's still a mystery to me.

I don't think you're considering all possibilities.

While your outlook might be true if you're standing on the platform with a totally empty ramp, what happens at park closing when the ramp is full of people backed up all the way to the bottom? With an emergency on the platform that's anything short of a massively loud catastrophe that causes people to immediately run away from it, you aren't going to get people at the bottom of the ramp, who can't see what's happening up above, to turn around and move down and away in any kind of a rapid pace.

These new stairs will be empty 100% of the time until they're needed. People on the platform can start exiting down the stairs while people standing on the ramp can figure out what to do with themselves. And what if something were to happen *on* the ramp. You suddenly have people below the incident running away down the ramp, but people who are on the ramp *above* the incident having no where to go but up the ramp to the platform. And once they're on the platform, there's no where to go.


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