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MLS coming to WDW


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An I use my FCC season tickets there to trade in for a room? ;)

In all seriousness, I was glad when I read this news. Soccer in this capacity is better than none at all.

As a hockey fan i feel you. I rather have something over nothing. Heck were showing video game matchups on tv...


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Disney sure does seem to be finding ways to make lemonaid.

Obviously, this doesn't completely replace the lost income but it's impressive that they were able pull these deals off.

... Not to mention the free marketing that will come from it all as they prepare to reopen parks to the public.
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Any speculation on which resort will be the bubble resort for MLS?
The resort that makes the most sense for the teams (assuming the NBA is at CSR) is Port Orleans. I wouldn’t be shocked to see the league people stay at Yacht Club to utilize the convention space.


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Any speculation on which resort will be the bubble resort for MLS?

There's weird stuff going on DVC's side of Jambo. All Jambo DVC rooms are booked beginnimh June 22 and are booked through the end of the year. That's fully booked, which we are not seeing at Beach Club, Grand Floridian, or any other DVC location that is typically quickly filled. Something is up with Jambo but it's only speculation exactly what. One theory is MLS taking over Jambo, Jambo DVC to Kidani (club elsewhere), and Coronado and Jambo hotel to Port Orleans, Riviera, etc.

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