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Ha! I tempted you in with the words Trip Report! This my friends is no ordinary WDWMagic Trip Report, as it doesn't involve Disney in the slightest!

I know you are now all sitting there like :eek:, but it is true. In an effort not to sit in front of a computer screen all day AND all night, I went for a walk, and now I'm writing up a fabulous trip report of said event. (I'm sure there is a smidgeon of irony in that statement, never mind...)

We start off with a high-quality shot of a bird feeding on a catapillar in a tree. Yes it is. I swear to you!

Interestingly, the paths were quite sandy. I'm a bit south of London, so nowhere near a beach. Curious!

This is a creature that you may not have over the pond. It's called a Dog. D-O-G. Dog. They are lovable rouges.

Seeing today is the 6/6/6, here is a shot of the impending apocalypse. (Or an over-exposed sun, you decide)

A general view across the heath. I quite like it here.

Shame about the poo. This is of the canine variety, slightly dried...

... whereas this is of the horse variety. Also, slightly dried...

The dog poo should be here though

Time to pootle back off home. Fun was had by all (ie: me)

You made it to the end. Huzzah!


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*adores Dave*


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Darn! First you guys get the Beetles, then the Spice girls and now this.

How come you get all the cool stuff?:(

Do you think you could bring me some poo next time you're in the states?:D

Oh, and some of that fine English cuisine I've heard so much about . . . or is that the same thing?:lookaroun



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As if my headache weren't bad enough :lol: :lol: :lol: I've laughed myself into a worse one. :eek:

(I'd taken some shots of the Henry Ford Estate I'd been thinking of making into a mock trip report... I am feeling inspired now! If only it wouldnt' take 3 years to upload them all to photobucket from here at home :( ) :lookaroun :eek:
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