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mine ride for BIG PEOPLE..


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My DH is 6-4 and thought it was quite comfortable. He's on the thin side, but usually he has issues with his knees getting hurt on rides.


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well I am the original poster.. and my knee is permanently injured from the ride that day.. or lets say that when my knee aches' this is the area that it aches in .. i tore some thing in there.. and you can feel the line of where it hurts .. and if you press on it with your finger it can really hurt.. since I have been back to Disney.. I cannot walk the complete day.. i have used a cart the last time I was there.. this is up to you.. some seats , like on space mountain are bigger in the back.. I was in the front on this ride.. I won't ride it again.. but I honestly wish you all well. use your disgression.. but if you have to cram your self in.. you may want to reconsider..

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