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Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run - Ride/Queue Details and Discussion


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Did you notice the TIE Echelon during your mission?
photo: @laughing_place



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is like M.S. had a kid with Star Tours
It's fascinating because it solves my biggest gripe with simulators: long waits between cycles.

For instance, if Soarin' was walk-on (in my dreams), you'd still have to wait 10-20ish minutes for the theaters to cycle, but since a new pod shows up promptly for Falcon, it doesn't have this issue.

Which brings me to another interesting point, Falcon doesn't really take advantage of this feature. We're meant to lollygag in the Falcon for a few minutes, so they could have used the lollygagging to disguise the wait of a traditional simulator setup.

It also intrigues me that M.S. has interactivity that is meant to draw the audience to what is going on in order to prevent us from vomiting, but MFSR has interactivity that essentially distracts us from what's actually going on, at least for gunners and engineers.


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Oh how much I wish for them to have two of the turntables be their own "orange" mode. Imagine feeling the intensity and G's from when you go into lightspeed or hit the boosters.
As cool as that would be, I don't think it would be compatible with MFSR. In MS it encourages you to interact with features that are in front of the rider, whereas in MFSR 2/3rds of the riders are actively encouraged to look to the side. The whole ride would have to be massively different.


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