News Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2019


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Mickey's Once Upon a Christmastime Parade sounds more elegant than Minnie's Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks.
IDK MOUACT Sounded weird to me at first (right after we all grew up with Very Merry Christmas Parade in MK and on TV) till I heard the theme and I fell in love with it!


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That name is disappointing. They should really tie the name back to the regular fireworks, like Wishes did. Merrily Ever After, anyone?

Otherwise, the concept art looks very nice. This should be a nice upgrade over Holiday Wishes.
Minnie's Christmas Ever After, Christmastime Forever, Minnie's Christmastime Fantasy Fireworks, Minnie's Christmas Dreams Fireworks all would have been better


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You know, for being "Holiday Wishes", there sure seemed like a lack of actual holidays being celebrated during it. I could only count one! At least the Disneyland show threw in the dreidel song for their holiday show.


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RIP Holiday favorite fireworks show. I'm hoping this show will be just as good as Holiday Wishes....also Jiminy Cricket went from being the host of Spectromagic/Wishes/Holiday Wishes to nothing.

EDIT: Will the show be performed during Christmas week after the parties are over like Holiday Wishes did?
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How about Celebration or Gathering instead of Fireworks? Fireworks works better with New Years or 4th of July.


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I've only seen it on video. Their choice of Americana songs includes
  • a song that was originally very racist (Oh Sussanah) and a whitewashed version of a negro spiritual (She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain);
  • a laughably fast version of My Country;
  • gimmicky and wacky arrangements;
  • and a incomprehensible omission of much better choices such as anything by Copland.
I hope I missed the sarcasm in this post. Times change, lyrics change, attitudes change, and there’s no reason to act like something’s original content from centuries ago matters after all those changes.

Walt fired people on the spot if he thought they were gay. Early in his life, he nursed some racist attitudes that he later dropped as he grew older and wiser.

“Amazing Grace” is famously set to the tune of a bar-room song. It didn’t stop anybody from singing it then or now.

Times change.

As for the Christmas party, I haven’t been since a crowded Thursday night in early December in 2012. The freebies disappeared, the prices rose, the attendance caps seemingly disappeared, and I swore I’d never again waste money on a $69 ticket (ha!).

But the new announcements have me reconsidering for this year.


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Excellent... depending on the music. The current version is mostly just seasonal songs with a few carol licks thrown in. Which is OK and much better than the shrill pop versions of the songs at Halloween. Though, it is a bit dated with a 50's choral sound which sounds all mushy (musically) to me. I hope whoever did the music for HEA is doing the music for Halloween and Holidays.

I agree 100%. The faux-child-wonder chorals of Holiday Wishes were grating and never sounded as innocent as actual Wishes. I didn’t realize the difference until I bought the soundtrack and played it while driving. I thought my ears would bleed in my car. :D

Here’s hoping the new soundtrack is better!


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“Amazing Grace” is famously set to the tune of a bar-room song. It didn’t stop anybody from singing it then or now.

You're probably thinking of the U.S.'s National Anthem. The fact that it's a bar song is somewhat well-known and one of the reasons some don't like it, in addition to being awful musically in so many other ways.

Amazing Grace, the lyrics, had used several different tunes until its use of the tune called "New Britain" popularized the song. The origins of "New Britain" is unknown.
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I've never been because I want to live but is the show that bad?

I’ve been multiple times and genuinely love the 4th of July fireworks at MK and the 4th of July tag at Epcot.

The arrangements don’t seem odd to me, they seem like quirky Magic Kingdom of old... kinda like Fantasy in the Sky if that makes sense.

My personal favorite Disney Fireworks Show is Holiday Wishes, so I’m sad to see it go.

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