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Mickey's PhilharMagic closing for short refurbishment in September


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I would love if they updated the film for PhilharMagic. I love the movie and think it is a great "highlight reel" but they need to add a couple of new segments and go digital. It would be a great way to bring Tangled and Frozen into MK and increase attendance.

The film could be worked on without the attraction closing (say right NOW) and then when the new digital film was completed the attraction could close for just a short refurb to switch out projectors and then come back stronger than ever.

The pre-show area needs some deep cleaning so the new carpets would be a start but there were cobwebs on the chandeliers when I was there in May.


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This makes me happy. PhilharMagic needs some much needed attention. Hope they clean out the mesh screen where water squirts out of.

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I'm a philhar CM. They're planning on replacing the carpeting, possibly fixing some of the wallpaper. Nothing involving the show itself.

Welcome to the forums (posting at least). Appreciate your information. Be careful, though, not to get yourself in trouble if you post information that Disney will get after you for. But anyway, welcome aboard Disney's (unofficial) information "highway in the sky," uh, er, "ethernet!"

Launchpad McQuack

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So glad I am going back in February. Philharmagic is one of my favorite attractions, but we were only able to get it in once on our trip earlier this month (our first day was the last day it was open, and we had dining reservations and the Wishes dessert thing which were fun but limited how many things we were able to squeeze in that day).


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I really don't know how no one has proposed new film segments. They can even cheapen the cost and sell this upgrade both here and over in Tokyo Disneyland. They have the same exact film. It just seems like such an easy thing to do to upgrade the film with new segments.


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Was going to try to take a peek either tomorrow or Tuesday - look forward to the new carpet smell. Also curious about CoP changes after the refurb.

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