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News Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party returns for 2022


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Headless Horseman rides through Magic Kingdom for the first time since 2019​



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That could be part of it. I was surprised, I looked around town square at 930 to see the parade crowds and it almost looked empty. Maybe they learned their lesson?
im going next week so i was following wait times... a decent amount still had 30 minute waits .... i swore ive been told FP/Genie and overcrowding caused these waits not sure how thats possibly for party nights tho ;) was not encouraged at all when i saw them .. granted others were 10-15-20 minutes.. far from the walk ons i saw last year when i went for Christmas

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So according to the character 'checklist' shown above, it states Tarzan and friends are appearing near the Swiss Family Treehouse.
Is this actually happening?
I was under the impression they had been cut from the party.


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