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Mickey From Space


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I hope I'm not repeating this topic - I did a search but couldn't find anything. This is not actually about WDW but something interesting nearby.

Has anyone noticed what can only be a deliberate hidden Mickey in a field about 15 miles West/Northwest of the MK off Highway 27 next to Trout Lake? Hope this link works - if not go to Google map and look at the Satellite pic. I just thought it was pretty cool - what do you think? Maybe made out of an orange grove?





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The link did not work for me.... but go to Googlemaps and search on this
Trout Lake, FL.

When you zoom in on it... you can tell the mouse ears design is pretty deliberate. The question now is... who did it and why?


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Here's a photo of it.

Have seen it before but do not know why or who did it.


Thanks degunter - here is what it says at the website degunter gave:

Classic Mickey stand of trees

Location: Other Disney Hidden Mickeys (Movies & Elsewhere)
A few miles from the Magic Kingdom, someone has planted a very recognizable grove of trees. Flying with Google Earth a little NW of WDW at about 48000 ft one can see the Orange Grove HM at 28/27 N 81/42 W at the upper left of the photo. (For reference, the Richard Petty lake HM can be seen at the lower right.) The Hidden Mickey tree grove is in a field just off of Highway 27, near the 192 merge, just west of WDW and next to Trout Lake and Schofield Road. (I have found the coordinates of the Tree grove mickey, the large one not on Disney property. They are 28.452038,-81.703026 I hope this makes finding the mickey easier - Bryan Hauser).

Comments from the author:
A friend of mine, Jim, researched the history of this image. This tree grove Mickey was not present before 1990; it appeared sometime between January 23, 1990 and March 5, 1994. It is 7.7 miles northwest from the center of the Magic Kingdom, and it's in Lake County on private property (not officially on Disney property).


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A little far out for the copter ride routes (I've done them). But some of the hot air baloon rides usually go directly over that area.

I know some used to go over part of disney. Very long time ago. Yeah i may be for them too. Who knows. :rolleyes::wave:;)

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