Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway confirmed


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The only thing that has me worried. If I’m going in January I really hope this attraction doesn’t open when I’m there (as @MisterPenguin update implies) sure it would be fun to be at an opening day of an attraction a cool event even the crowds combined with the regular galaxy edge crowds could be disastrous. Maybe it could be fun but the point of me going in Jan was to be safe from the galaxy edge opening crowds. I would never change my dates but now I’ve got to keep an eye out for this opening date.
It will be insanely crowded regardless for a couple years after SWGE opens. MMRR doesn’t really impact that other than making the rest of the park more crowded until it opens.


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I'd rather an attraction arrive late than operate at half capacity or poor initial show. Again, knowing people that work in the industry, I'm glad they're not having to rush to achieve a deadline they never could have hit in the first place announced by marketing folks.

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The deadline was originally achievable.
Things happen though. Sure it was originally achievable, but things went south. Oh well, that's life.

Me thinks you knowing so much makes you more cynical due to knowing "what could have been" or "what the original timeline was". Not everything goes according to plan. Actually, it's rare that things do go according to plan in life.


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The deadline was originally achievable.
I work in software. No matter how good you are at estimating a project, there are always unknowns. And you can do your best to mitigate those unknowns, but sometimes something happens that couldn't have been easily anticipated.

Is the delay because of something that should have been anticipated? Or in your view was this an unavoidable, unexpected unknown that has now surfaced?

Or, is this an intentional management decision that has nothing to do with the actual tech or project plan?


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Incompetence, Intentional, or Interference?
They intentionally don't rush a project into service as that sort of intentional interference by incompetent middle managers is no longer practiced within TWDC.

"Quality will out" Walt called it back in the day.


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I'm not really surprised by this. It's a new ride with a complex ride system, even though it has been used at other parks, I'm sure there's probably things they weren't expecting that caused delays
but justification for replacing and using the existing GMR facilities was it was supposed to be easier and met the target timelines... It clearly wasn't forecasted to be difficult..


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Some may be. I think it might be more of principle: if guests are now expected to plan so far in advance, why can't Disney provide needed info further in advance. This goes beyond just a ride open date. It also includes EMH, EMM, etc.

Personally, I don't plan trips based on any ride availability. Even this year as the first year with AP, we planned based on our calendar and also three events we had not done before: Flower & Garden, Food & Wine, MNSSHP. We booked hotels before knowing any ride open dates. But... I did book Pop for December anticipating that the skyliner should be open by then.
I think if I had a AP, I would definitely not really care when anything was opened or not...because I would have access to go whenever I wanted. Just saying.


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Really, so what does this mean in reality? Park filled to capacity...sorry go somewhere else?
Absolutely. “Sorry folks, moose at the front should have told you the park was full.”

In all seriousness, they are already laying the groundwork. If you go online right now to book a vacation post 8/31 there is a notification at the top of the webpage that access the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge will be limited. (I didn’t bother to go find the actual text.). It’s not hard to see where that spells total insanity for the rest of the park with only a handful of rides.

Years ago this happened more. I remember lots of phase closures with signs on I-4 letting people know.


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I'm more excited about MMRR than RotR...go figure.
Don’t get me wrong I’m extremely excited about MMRR but Star Wars is always going to have a special place for me (as does Mickey). I feel RotR is very ambitious it really makes me excited to be in Star Wars (from a certain point of view).
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