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Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway confirmed


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It's pretty clear WDW and Iger are remaining true-to-form despite the favorable signs of Pandora and SWL.
It helps that pandora and swl are the only things Iger has personal investment in.


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To be honest I'm super excited for this ride because of both the optimism from the Imagineers, and just the innovation it's self.

Anytime a ride closes, I just look at the attraction replacing it for what it is. Once GMR is closed it won't be coming back so we might as well get excited for what's to come.
I prefer Tony Baxters philosophy that when we take something out we have to put in something that is bettere which I don't think is the case here.

Brer Oswald

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I'm answering for fun, not to argue, because I think we're both making good points. :)

No Google allowed!

  1. Steamboat Willie
  2. Plane Crazy
  3. Two-Gun Mickey
  4. The Whoopee Party
  5. The Band Concert
  6. Hawaiian Holiday
  7. Through the Mirror
  8. The Clock Cleaners
  9. On Ice
  10. Mickey's Trailer
  11. Mickey's Rival
  12. Orphan's Benefit
  13. The Brave Little Tailor
  14. The Nifty Nineties
  15. The Little Whirlwind
  16. Pluto's Christmas Tree (technically a Mickey short)
  17. The Sorcerer's Apprentice (it counts!)
  18. Runaway Brain
  19. I could go on...
Thanks for accepting my challenge, your answers were good!


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I wonder how much of it has to do with licensing fees for the various non-disney movies. TCM owns a HUGE Library of films.. many of them featured on GMR. With them pulling their sponsorship (which a chunk of may will be licensing rights to the characters and scenes from the films), it may be cost prohibitive for Disney to pay the various owners to continue to use the IP.

The only reason the "mickey room" is currently in it is because the tornado effect they wanted to use didn't fit and didn't work (why the room is a tight turn with a funnel in the middle), so instead of doing an Oz tie in, they just went with fantasia slapped in there.
Disney is pulling the sponsorship, not TCM. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if some people at TCM are ****ed off about this.

Magenta Panther

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That's not Mickey, that's a robot :cool:
Well, it IS high-tech (digital CGI), but just the same I think that the design for that series is actually kinda cute. Although I'm not saying I think it should be the definitive Mickey. My fave version is the classic shoe-button-eye version, which the new shorts make use of.

I think 1950's Mickey - from the original Mickey Mouse Club - is cute too:


Magenta Panther

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Before May 1989 yes. It was in.

Constantly spinning farmhouse on the rear projection screen. The gobo lighting effects flying around the screen and walls to enhance the effect. The wind machine (behind the grill on the right side of the pathway) running full. And the de de-de de dur de music from the film on endless loop.
WHOOOAAA man!!!! That sounds so cool! I wish I'd seen it! :mad:

Brer Oswald

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In "real life," I'm in a closely related industry. I see these boards as a place to discuss ideas, not wage battles. When someone gets insanely argumentative, I click "Ignore" and walk away because I have more to do than fight with strangers. :D

Please don't misread any disagreements as arguments.
We weren't arguing right? If it appeared that I was being rude to you, I'm actually really sorry. Sometimes I come on to strong about certain topics, it was never my intent to be rude :oops:

Pedro Soto

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@marni1971 So would the Mickey ride be considered phase 3 or part of phase 3 with more updates to come?? Seems DHS isn't finished and their starting on Epcot now which is great but let's finish first DHS :/


President of Animal Kingdom
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@marni1971 So would the Mickey ride be considered phase 3 or part of phase 3 with more updates to come?? Seems DHS isn't finished and their starting on Epcot now which is great but let's finish first DHS :/
Phase 3 died. The Mickey ride and anything else being done is just ad hoc for now. Big plans, like for a 'land', are in blue sky world right now.

Casper Gutman

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We already know this will be almost entirely screens, but they made real sure of that by picking versions of the characters it would be physically impossible to replicate as AAs.

insert name here

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WHOOOAAA man!!!! That sounds so cool! I wish I'd seen it! :mad:
I guess no one really saw it since the park didn't open until May...

I had always heard that this scene and the big finale with the Wizard of Oz and all the AAs taking a bow was cut because they could only use a certain percentage of Oz in the ride. But if @marni1971 says the Tornado was around during ride testing, then the finale must have been cut for other reasons.


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I believe it was because they were allowed to have two Oz scenes, and the tornado made three. (Tornado, four main characters in front of the castle, yellow brick road).


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If they put in a ride like Mr. Toad's themed to Monster's Inc or Peter Pan themed to The Incredibles, I can only imagine the outrage over the lack of inovation, low capacity, and doing it on the cheap.
You are certainly correct, but the way you do it is to have an "E-ticket" type ride (say, Ratatouille or maybe the Monster's Door Coaster) and then have like 2 small dark rides and a flat ride tossed in. All the attention would be on the major ride and the other ones, which would be useful for capacity and diversity, would be somewhat overlooked and tolerated. Then eventually they'd become "classics" and untouchable.
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