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'Maria and Enzo' Italian Restaurant coming to Disney Springs this fall


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You know.

If you think of it as a "Vegas night club" the layout and shape of the ballroom make sense.

Put the DJ booth were the grand staircase is and you have a layout that you'll see in a few Vegas clubs.
The odd 1st class lounge, starts to make sense as a side bar area.
The high ceiling, the balancy area around it on the 2nd floor, all make sense.
(granted, the color / finishes would change)

But if you then think about it, as "it was going to be a nightclub, but... crap how can we ..... make into this avation themed thing.. that serves pasta... for no real reason..." then, it makes even MORE sense and if then assuem they were so far out of the box and had to borrow the sailor uniforms from the boat house.. then you've nailed it!


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It's not what I would have expected, but I think it's nice. But I can also see why people dislike it.

I don't think Maria and Enzo's was necessary based on the other restaurants around and what's offered.

Would have liked to have seen Walt's come to light instead. Oh well.
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Perhaps it was your specificity on how they missed the mark that comes across as searching for reasons. Perhaps it is my ever decreasing tolerance for negativity in today's world that sparked my response. However it is still down to personal taste and ultimately the in-person experience.

Right. I haven't seen the inside in person but when I saw these pictures I thought, I like it. It's just a feeling that doesn't require specifics.

Now I will say, when I saw it from the outside last weekend I thought the Hideaway signage was a bit overdone and gaudy. Seems like it should be more 'secret' like the Morimoto hidden bar entrance. Just to be more fun. JMO, I'm not outraged about it.


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Happy Easter! This isn’t big news or anything, but we had the Easter Sunday Brunch at Maria & Enzo’stoday. It was a phenomenal experience. Prices were $35 adult and $15 for kids. First time there and I thought that it was a beautiful location. I literally almost had everything in the buffet. They are considering doing a smaller version of this every Sunday. I just hope they keep this Easter brunch. Definitely the best buffet on property.







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Went here for dinner a few weeks back. We had the burrata salad, chicken parm and Busiate con Granchio (pasta/lump crab meat). The presentation felt very bare. In addition the chicken parm (intentionally) had the nub of a bone on it, which felt very, very strange.
Overall we felt that the quality of the entrees was about as good as an olive garden. That's also ignoring the extra markup being at Disney Springs brings. We will not be dining there again, but will hopefully be trying the Hideaway soon.

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