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Making FP+ for Slinky Dog Dash???


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Hi, I will be going to WDW on August 18.
I heard that Toy Story Land will open June 30.. I can start reserving fast passes on June 19. The question is: do you think they will allow me to book a FP for the Slinky Dog Dash on the 19th or do you I have to go back June 30th and reserve FP for it???
Thank you all 😀
I'm thinking the latter, or after it's confirmed open. If they did it as per the former, it would be a huge mess if for some reason it didn't open on time.


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For Pandora, they opened FP booking around 30 days before; I think it was just less giving offsite guests as much of a chance as onsite.

Except it became apparent how many people didn't understand that onsite guests can book for the whole of their trip. A number of people totally failed to grasp how people were getting them for a week or more after it opened from day 1 of FP booking.