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News Major renovation coming to Disney's Magnolia Golf Course at Walt Disney World


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Hopefully they are working on drainage throughout the course. Truthfully the whole course should be redone, new drainage, new greens and fairways.


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So 4 holes, I wonder if this area's scope grew?
I don't know that the scope grew as much as they wanted to keep the course a par 72. My guess is that the current 14th green will be moved to the tee box side of the pond fronting it, the new 15th tee will be where the current 14th tee is, then they will move into the woods behind the current 15th green/16th tee to build the new 15th/16th holes. Then they will build the bridge to where the new tee box for 17 will be.

What's interesting is that several years ago they built a tee box off the 17th fairway. As far as I could tell it was never used but I found it odd they would do it. Unless this idea was years in the pipeline.


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Here the plans for the changes:



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In the Parks
Pretty interesting stuff. I've never stopped to think about what goes into designing a golf course.

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