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Luca, new Summer 2021 Pixar Film


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There is underlying gay subtext in that trailer. 2 boys spending the summer together hiding who they truly are in a town full of negative attitudes.


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Could be, but they are VERY young so while some could see that subtext, it is rather, um, awkward for it being kids.

Or it could be just what it says - a celebration of friendship. Would we automatically assume two young girls hiding their sea monster identity would mean they are gay?

I know this based on a short by this same director - did the director speak of this, that's where idea is coming from? Then that makes more sense.


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The director already stated, which I posted a while back, that Luca and Alberto are not in any romantic relationship. He said this after many people online made the correlation to Call Me By Your Name.

It's in the first two paragraphs for anyone who wants to read it

Director of Luca, Enrico Casarosa, was interviewed by Total Film and shared some fun stuff about the film. Side note: I am happy to hear that the watercolor and pastel aspects from La Luna will be translated into this film.

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It does look good, but never underestimate the power of a Pixar teaser to show just the tip of the iceberg, and hide all the emotional / powerful aspects of the movie.

I remember thinking the first Toy Story looked silly, and even the Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc, and Up teasers giving off a "this is gonna be fun" vibe, but nothing impactful or Oscar-worthy.

I know! I still sob endlessly every time I watch Coco, so I was hoping to avoid that this time! 🤣


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Does anyone else hear Suzanne Vega singing in their head?

Seriously though, I hadn't even heard of this movie before stumbling into this thread tonight. It looks really nice and enjoyable. I'm looking forward to it now.

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