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I have bought full size bottles of wine at the airport after TSA but before boarding and carried them on.

Not to WDW, but to the Caymans. Liquor stores are closed on Sunday in the Caymans, and we were flying in on a Sunday afternoon.

We went through TSA in JFK. Then I bought two bottles of wine in the airport and carried them on.



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We are flying and hope to have carry-on luggage only since Magical Express will no longer retrieve our bags.
One of our party wants to bring vodka.
We will not have a car.
As I see it, our options are:
  • put little bottles in our 3-1-1 quart bags in our luggage
  • try to buy at the resort
Are the l

Wait until you get to your resort. Every resort gift shop has liquor you can purchase.
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