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We are flying and hope to have carry-on luggage only since Magical Express will no longer retrieve our bags.
One of our party wants to bring vodka.
We will not have a car.
As I see it, our options are:
  • put little bottles in our 3-1-1 quart bags in our luggage
  • try to buy at the resort
Are the l


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There is still a rule about flying with liquids.


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As long as each bottle is smaller than the 3.4oz limit and fit comfortably inside your 1-quart bag, you’re good.



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Couple options:

- Cab/Uber or Lyft to one of the local liquor stores or marts (we have always visited Goodings Liquor 12521 FL-535, Orlando, FL 32836, or 1001 Liquors Inc. Next to Publix 14904 E Orange Lake Blvd.)
- Pick some up in the airport perhaps the Duty Free
- Order Groceries or you can just order it 1002 Liquors delivery they are located at 3230 Rolling Oaks Blvd next to the super Target on Irlo Bronson)
- Postmate it to the resort
- Purchase on site (though pricey in the resort stores it may be easiest)
- Send a box from home to the resort
- Speedway Gas Stations carry some Beer and Liquor as do many other gas stations in the area
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I would narrow it down to:

1. Check it in a case and collect the bag from the carousel, it really isn’t hard to do. They can always come on a later DME bus if the rest of you don’t want to wait!

2. Uber to the liquor store at Orange Lake Blvd.


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I've had pretty good luck packing a bottle in between lots of clothing in checked luggage. I also have a neoprene wine carrier that adds additional padding to bottles. Alternatively, I've gotten a couple of the screw-top metal water bottles and used them for my traveling bar. All of this requires checking luggage. Your call on what is more checked luggage or making a side trip to a store. If all you will need are a few minis, you could save yourself the hassle and buy a small bottle in any resort convenience store. Expensive, but way cheaper than equivalent bar drinks.


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If you're flying carryon-only, your only option for traveling with alcohol is to fill your 3-1-1 bag (1 quart bag, 1 per traveler) with little single-serve bottles. We travel carryon-only ourselves, and DH and I have totally done this -- put our liquid/gel toiletries together in DH's 3-1-1 bag, and stuffed mine with enough booze to make ourselves little nightcaps in our hotel room. As long as each bottle is 3 oz. or less, it's no problem. I usually toss the 3-1-1 bag in my "personal item" for travel, so there's less risk of it getting smooshed somewhere along the way, but I'm sure it would be safe inside your carryon luggage as well (you might want to double-bag it after passing through security, just in case anything leaks). If you're traveling with kids, so much the better: they're each entitled to a 3-1-1 bag, too, and you can make use of their allotment -- put your toiletries in their 3-1-1 bag(s), and use your own for the grown-up beverages.

If 3-1-1 bags won't hold enough for what you have (or rather, your companion has) in mind, you can also, of course, buy/order a big bottle after you get to WDW. If you opt to order online and have it delivered to your hotel, e.g., as part of a grocery order (Amazon Prime Now, Publix Grocery Delivery), make sure you're familiar with the relevant policies, as some will require the purchaser to be there to present I.D. when the delivery person arrives.

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Shipt and Instacart deliver liquor to WDW, and Amazon Primenow/Fresh deliver beer and wine to WDW.


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Fly through MHT where there is a state liquore store after you go through security?

Or check out if that's not an option? Several other options already presented.

Duty free shouldn't sell to you if you can't produce a boarding pass to a foreign destination.
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