Rumor Lion King Flume Ride being considered for Animal Kingdom


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Thanks for making this a separate discussion! This is really exciting if it comes to fruition.

When you say “flume ride”, does that mean like Mexico/Small world boat ride that goes in a circle, Pirates with some drops and thrills, or Splash/Tiana where it ends in a huge drop and even larger thrills (and riders get wet)?

Also, do we have any concept art for either Paris or what was proposed for AK in the past?


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This isn’t in additional to a rumored Moana flume ride of some kind right? We don’t need more water rides.

What we actually need is a lot more C and D type attractions rather than all E’s
Moana in AL is on a much faster timetable.

From all indications, Moana and Lion King are different ride systems.

"Flume" is a bit generic here... in both cases.


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Please tell me Olivia Rodrigo will be covering the music for this attraction… 🤞🤞🤞
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