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Trip Report Let's try a live report this time! May 1-6

Since it took me almost 6 months to complete my last trip report, I thought I would attempt a live trip report this time. If it doesn't work out, it might take me a year to complete since we are staying twice as long as our last trip.

I am still currently at work but can't focus since I have Disney on my mind! I thought I would give a little background about this trip that we will be starting on Friday night. So my last trip was in September 2020 with my brother Patrick, his fiancé Taylar, my brother's best friend Nick, and his fiancé Taylea. My kids were pretty upset that I went without them so I promised them after "corona goes away" we would go again. Well we all know that isn't happening for a while plus I got a huge raise at work (which I am ignoring right now lol) so I figured let's give May a try! I booked the trip for our family of four but then my sister-in-law invited us to go to the Gulf Shores with them in July and my husband doesn't have enough PTO to take two weeks off so he decided he will stay home and I will just take the kids to Disney alone. When my mom heard about it, she volunteered to join us! She came with the kids and I on our short 2 night trip in February 2020 and had the most magical time. I explained to her that things will be really different this time but still magical! I thought we were all set on the cast of this trip, until Nick and Taylea decided to join us!
Who: Me, my two kiddos Joseph & Sadie, my mom/Gramma, Nick, and Taylea
Where: My mom, the kids, and I will be doing a split stay...1 night at Coronado Springs Resort (for our pool day) and the rest at Art of Animation Little Mermaid Room. The kids have no idea where we are staying....they have been calling it "Mommy's secret hotels". Nick & Taylea will be staying at All Star Movies.
When: My mom, the kids, and I will be landing at MCO tomorrow night around 11pm and leaving on Thursday morning. Nick and Taylea arrive Saturday morning and stay until the following Saturday.
Here is a picture of my mom, the kids, and I on our last trip in February 2020

Goal for tonight is to finish packing, give the kids a bath, and make a to-do list for my husband while we are gone. We'll probably finish Toy Story 3 tonight too. Another full day at work tomorrow and then heading straight to the airport!


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my mom and I shared a burger and the kids shared a kids meal burger because we wanted to have room for ice cream. Well we shouldn’t have had the burgers because I think we only ate about half of our ice cream but YUMMY!!!!

My mom had coffee ice cream with caramel and hot fudge, Sadie had vanilla with strawberries, Joseph had a scoop of strawberry and a scoop of rainbow sherbet, and I had the no way Jose!


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yesterday we spent the afternoon swimming at the big blue pool and then went over to the cozy cone pool for a dip as well.
When we were done swimming, I mobile ordered some dinner and we took some pictures in the Cars area. I will admit....I wasn’t expecting the cars area to be so awesome! I would say it was the best themed area of the whole resort!


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We went back to our room, ate dinner, talked to dad, packed our bags, and had a cupcake!

we are currently at the airport waiting for our plane to board. Can’t believe it’s over already but we really had the best time ever!
Now I gotta go home, wash my shorts and swimsuit and pack because I get on a 7:30am flight tomorrow to Fort Lauderdale for my future sister in laws bachelorette weekend!!!


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Beaches and Cream…looks delicious! I’ve never been there either, hopefully we’ll get there on our next trip.
My son said it was his favorite meal of the trip!

The Cars area at sunset is just brilliant! What a great way to end the trip. Oh my gosh, have fun in Lauderdale!
i was telling my brother that we need a big family trip and all stay in the Cars section. He loves Mater. I’m home and washing my shorts for my next trip right now. Hope I get to bed at a decent time because I gotta be out the door at 5:45!

If you enjoyed the Cars area at AOA i strongly suggest you visit Radiator Springs at DCA in Anaheim

It is like you walked right into the town - total emersion

yes! DCA is totally on my bucket list!

Have a safe trip home!!
thanks! We’re home and the kids went running straight for the cat. She was not amused lol
Loved your trip report! Be safe all weekend long. Enjoy some adult time!! You deserve it!!
A vacation from my vacation! In all seriousness personally Disney is the only place I feel like it’s a real vacation, whenever we go anywhere else I end up cooking and cleaning. That’s not a vacation!!


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We’re home safe and sound! Kids are back on electronics. Oh I don’t remember if I mentioned it but we did this trip tablet free! The only electronic was my phone and the kids only used it to take pictures or talk to their dad. I was a little worried about the flights but they were great! Totally loved not having any tablets on this trip!!!!!!
Here are some pictures from the airport and plane ride.
I will probably upload some of our photopass pictures next week. Nick and taylea paid for the memory maker so they have to download the pictures and send them to me because mine still has the watermarks on them for some reason.
On the drive home I asked everyone what their favorite part of our vacations were:
Joseph: everything! Especially Space Mountain!
Sadie: everything but slinky dog.
gramma: everything and the ice cream!
Me: everything!


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I know my Disney trip is over but I’m still on vacation technically. Came home washed my shorts and put them in the dryer but the dryer won’t get hot! Heating element is out so now I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to dry my shorts by 5 am and it’s raining outside so that’s not an option! Ahhh!!!

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