Trip Report Let's try a live report this time! May 1-6

Since it took me almost 6 months to complete my last trip report, I thought I would attempt a live trip report this time. If it doesn't work out, it might take me a year to complete since we are staying twice as long as our last trip.

I am still currently at work but can't focus since I have Disney on my mind! I thought I would give a little background about this trip that we will be starting on Friday night. So my last trip was in September 2020 with my brother Patrick, his fiancé Taylar, my brother's best friend Nick, and his fiancé Taylea. My kids were pretty upset that I went without them so I promised them after "corona goes away" we would go again. Well we all know that isn't happening for a while plus I got a huge raise at work (which I am ignoring right now lol) so I figured let's give May a try! I booked the trip for our family of four but then my sister-in-law invited us to go to the Gulf Shores with them in July and my husband doesn't have enough PTO to take two weeks off so he decided he will stay home and I will just take the kids to Disney alone. When my mom heard about it, she volunteered to join us! She came with the kids and I on our short 2 night trip in February 2020 and had the most magical time. I explained to her that things will be really different this time but still magical! I thought we were all set on the cast of this trip, until Nick and Taylea decided to join us!
Who: Me, my two kiddos Joseph & Sadie, my mom/Gramma, Nick, and Taylea
Where: My mom, the kids, and I will be doing a split stay...1 night at Coronado Springs Resort (for our pool day) and the rest at Art of Animation Little Mermaid Room. The kids have no idea where we are staying....they have been calling it "Mommy's secret hotels". Nick & Taylea will be staying at All Star Movies.
When: My mom, the kids, and I will be landing at MCO tomorrow night around 11pm and leaving on Thursday morning. Nick and Taylea arrive Saturday morning and stay until the following Saturday.
Here is a picture of my mom, the kids, and I on our last trip in February 2020

Goal for tonight is to finish packing, give the kids a bath, and make a to-do list for my husband while we are gone. We'll probably finish Toy Story 3 tonight too. Another full day at work tomorrow and then heading straight to the airport!


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Both kids slept on the plane but my mom and I didn’t. My mom didn’t sit with us and said the guy next to her kept falling asleep on her shoulder hahaha Joseph’s mask fell off at some point while he was sleeping and we couldn’t find it so he had to put on one of the backup masks I had in my backpack.
We ended up waiting about 45 minutes for our magical express.
We were the second stop, so we were at the check in counter of Coronado Springs around 3am (never did get a room ready text). The kids and my mom enjoyed finding hidden Mickeys while I checked us in. They put us in the Cabanas section which is close to the main building so we didn’t have long to walk from the Destino Tower. The kids must have gotten like their one million wind because they were running around as soon as we walked out the building.

we had a Mickey towel on the bed and our welcome name on the tv! The kids were in heaven!

We all went potty and brushed our teeth and were in bed by 3:30. It’s currently around 9:30 and the kids and my mom are still sleeping. Joseph initially woke up around 7 this morning, gave me a kiss, got out of bed and asked for his swimsuit. I told him the pool wasn’t open yet and to come back to sleep. I’m pretty surprised they are all still snoozing.
can’t wait to see what today brings!!


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left our room around 11am, brought our bags to bell services so they can transfer them to Art of Animation, and headed straight to the dig site pool! On the way my mom had to take a picture in one of the chairs in the lobby.

we played for about an hour and realized we haven’t eaten since the Indy airport last night.
They continued to play in the pool while I went to Siestas for some chicken fingers and nachos.





now back into the pool!
My mom's shirt says "There is nowhere you could go that I won't be with you" my daughter and my mom are very close (actually think my daughter would pick my mom over me lol) and they both love Moana, so it was the perfect shirt for my mom.

Joseph is now 6.5 and Sadie is 4.5. Can't believe my baby girl goes to Kindergarten in August yikes!
Where did your Mom get her shirt? I looked on Shop Disney, no luck. I hope it is not hard to find.


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Don’t forget the sunscreen 😎!
Oh I brought two separate kinds of sunscreen lol my daughter takes after her father and burns faster than toast so it’s something I can’t forget. Even my mom who loves the sun and a good tan put on some sunscreen.
How precious! It appears your daughter made sure CeCe was seat belted as well.
You bet ya! CeCe is like my third child at times haha has to come and do everything with us. She was a gift from my son (he picked it out himself at Walmart) to his sister on her first Christmas and Sadie has never left CeCe behind. She’ll be a great mommy one day!

Following along. I love pool days; I hope yours was fantastic. We love that Coronado pool and slide.
We had a great time! We found a nice spot in the shade for lunch and my son really enjoyed the slide and the jaguar spitting water at him.

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