leaving behind a relationship?


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hey guys!! i was wondering if anyone is leaving behind a boyfriend or girlfriend for this program? :( i want to apply for the spring internship, but im really scared to leave my boyfriend. have any of you had to do this? was it hard? any advice? thanks!! :kiss:


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It's one of the main things keeping me from doing the CP. :(
Boyfriend never wants to move to Florida.


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There's no easy answer to a question like that. It depends on so many factors.

Is your relationship strong enough to survive the time apart? If not, is it strong enough to be worth saving?

What benefits are you anticipating from the program? Are they worth the risk, if there is a risk?

Long distance relationships are hard to do, but relationships that can't survive distance aren't really solid anyway.

It all comes down to doing what's best for you in your opinion at the time. If it works out for you after you've made the decision [one way or the other], you've done well. If it doesn't work out, learn from it and move on.

Welcome to the world, every decision we make has consequences, some consequences are very good, some very bad, some hardly noticeable and most are unpredictable.


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I didn't do the CP earlier in my college career due to my boyfriend at the time. He didn't want me to leave, and honestly, I didn't want to leave him. Things changed though, and after 3 years of dating, we broke up. But because of him, and partly my parents too, I didn't do my CP until my last semester in college. This didn't give me the opportunity to be a campus rep or do an Advanced Internship (now called Professional Internships). I wish, so much that I had just gone earlier in my college career.

If you want to do the CP, he should support what you want to do when you want to do it. Plus if the relationship is that strong then you should be able to handle being apart for 5-7 months. It's not that long, and he could always come to visit. You really need to figure out what you want out of college. Are you there to get an education and possibly find yourself a career at Disney or another great company? Or are you there to meet your husband? I'm not trying to be rude, but doing something like this when you're young is great. Don't let someone hold you back. Heck, make him come with you. I'm sure you'd have a great time together!

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Long, long ago, when e-mail had not yet been invented, my boyfriend was in a work /study degree program. He worked a semester, then went to school a semester.

We were in college in Illinois, and he worked in West Virginia, Texas, and Alabama.

On May 24 we will celebrate our 25th anniversary.

It CAN work. Was it easy? Heck, no! I missed him every day. But the relationship was strong, and it survived the absences.

And quite honestly, we've been through much worse since then.....

PS--if he forbids you to go, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN AWAY FROM THIS GUY


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I am doing the CP this fall and I will be leaving my boyfriend, but like someone said above, if your relationship is strong and there is support, communication, and trust then things should work. My boyfriend is in the Marines and he has been overseas (Iraq and currently in Japan) and he will be back in July only for me to pack my stuff up and leave him. He's been gone for over 2 years all together and I haven't seen him since October when we took our trip to WDW. I think the CP will be a cake walk compared to what we've been through. For the past 2 years, we could go days and weeks without talking at all because of the different time zones. While you're at the CP you can plan a trip for your loved one to come down and visit the parks I know I will. It's all in support, if they can't support you then you should question how strong your relationship really is.


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Thanks for all of your feedback! :animwink: He totally supports me going, and he would go too but he's already behind on a 5 year engineering degree. Your comments really did help, because it's true, if we really do have a strong relationship then this will be fine. Thanks a lot guys!!!! Now hopefully I get accepted!! :kiss:


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On my first CP, I had a boyfriend back home. We hadn't been dating long, so it wasn't too hard (turns out that when I got back, we started REALLY learning about each other, and the relationship wasn't perfect).

This will be my third CP (second Summer Alum CP), and my second time leaving a boyfriend behind. I love him, but I know that our relationship is strong, so we'll be able to do it. He's also coming to visit me exactly halfway through my CP (he calculated it). If you want it to work, and if you're willing, it will work.


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I'm actually engaged (18 might seem young to be engaged, but it's a bit traditional in my family, and my grandmother was married at 14) and living with my fiance. We've been living together for six months. When I said I wanted to do this program, he sat still for about five seconds and then goes, "Why are you asking my opinion? You do what you want. But...like HELL are you working for the Mouse without me!!!" It was really funny. We're both Disney FANATICS to the point that we are constantly at the parks, pin traders, have the stuff all over our apartment, etc.
I'm glad to be doing this program with him. I really couldn't be happier. But if I went and he stayed, or he went and I stayed, would I be worried? No. I think, like other people said, that a relationship that can't last after five months apart isn't a relationship worth having.
If you guys really care about each other, five months will go by in five seconds. My parents were seperated for three months and only communicated by a weekly phone call since my father travelled too often to even receive letters. Well, they've been together for 27 years now, too.


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This is a little different situation than the CP but a long time ago when I joined the Air Force I had a girl freind and we wondered if a long distance relationship would work.She was in Florida and id be all over the world.Well 17 years later were still married with 2 kids-so if you were truly meant to be than do the college program and have a great time.


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Boyfriends (or in my case, girlfriends) are like bumps on the road, they just slow down all the fun. :p

Your significant other should definitely support you in whatever choices you go ahead with.


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I actually declined the program for a girl, but luckily I got accepted again. She did too. We were struggling in our relationship even after 5 years of dating, and I wanted to go alone but she went too. We broke up while we were on the program. It's a great opportunity to meet people down there to date or just hang out and be friends. I had a blast doing that. But sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder.
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