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For the record, here’s Bob’s response:
Has the culture at Pixar changed at all in the past eight months since the exit of John Lasseter?
Any time that you change leadership there is an inevitable cultural shift. There was a cultural shift at Disney when I took over for Michel Eisner after 21 years. John Lasseter was in his role for a long time, had an enormous influence on both the culture and the creativity of Pixar, and so of course in John leaving there is inevitable and was an inevitable cultural shift. To get into the details, I'd prefer not to.

What has changed within Disney as a whole as a result of the #MeToo movement?

I don’t want to talk about anybody, specifically, but it's critical for us as leaders in this industry to create safe environments for people who have been victims of abuse to speak up and feel safe about speaking up and for others who have witnessed abuse to do the same. It's critical. As difficult as this time may seem, it's high time that we all woke up to the need to protect the people that work for us and work with us.


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Actually I was referring to Iger's ability to talk in circles.
I know, the question was made in jest.

I've commented on Iger's apparent political aspirations myself (he has or had them in the past). He would be an awful politician and I can't see him getting anywhere. He has zero charisma, comes across as perpetually disinterested and insincere etc. He has demonstrated difficulty remaining composed even in business interviews that are deliberately soft on him (becoming visibly flustered and confused when asked basic questions). He would be torn to shreds in a political debate.

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You gotta wonder how uncomfortable some of his direct reports will be. On one had you get to learn from a legend and on the other, well yeah....


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Skydance Animation's first movie isn't released until 3/19/2021 as far as I can tell.

Luck - 3/19/21
Split (working title) - TBD
Powerless (working title) - TBD
The Fourteenth Goldfish - TBD
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