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News Lasseter taking leave of absence


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“She was bent over and [had her arm] across her thigh,” he says. “The best I can describe it is as a defensive posture ... John had his hand on her knee, though, moving around.” After that encounter, this person asked the woman about what he had seen. “She said it was unfortunate for her to wear a skirt that day and if she didn’t have her hand on her own right leg, his hand would have travelled.”


Keep Moving Forward
Of course, but that means that whoever's accusation they beat to the races was timing the accusation for maximum damage to the studio.
There was an article earlier today with accusations. Took just a couple hours for him to announce his leave of absence. - This is incorrect information! The article was being prepped.


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Some of the accusations have surprised me. I know very little about John Lasseter, but this one doesn't surprise me at all. Everything I've seen publicly is that this is a man that is not in control of many aspects of his life.
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