News Kona Cafe at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort closing for refurbishment this summer


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Boy, the joke would really be on us if those black tarps are an essential part of the reimagining! Or as Disney would put it, "dark, exotic draperies and the distant roar of the lobby crowds evoke the heady excitement of dining beside a dormant volcano, while your meal is garnished with charming new enhancements, such as smaller portions and increased pricing!"

Seriously though, I hope the redesign is nice. I've always like the flavor profile of the menu, but the decor looked so dated and meh from the outside, especially with that mall food court-style tile floor running through the center (and the experience was, presumably, incredibly loud) that I couldn't convince the family to give it a try. It's still on my bucket list, if it comes out looking well.
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Construction walls are down at Kona Cafe in Disney's Polynesian Village Resort revealing the new updated look​



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It was okay but outdated. Lots of amber glass, jewel tones, and tired furnishings. This is a nice refresh; looking forward to grabbing breakfast there on my next trip.
I don’t why but looking at photos of the space before the refresh it reminded me of Lilo and Stich.

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Garish is the exact reason I liked the old Kona. It's also the same word I used commenting on Tikiman's page. 😄
Looks pretty good. I have to agree, though, that I’m not sure that a hotel with a kitschy 50’s tiki motif (it was never actually trying to be accurately Polynesian at all) is supposed to avoid being “garish.” That seems like the whole point! I mean, if Uni decided to makeover Cabana Bay in a subdued, tasteful style, it would be pretty clear they’d lost sight of the theme.

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Reminds me a bit if Aulani, I love the lava rock walls and decorated ceiling, not as big a fan of the new entrance but I don’t necessarily dislike it. I wasn’t a fan of the old carpet and tile so I’m curious to see what the flooring looks like.

The old design reminded me of a casino cafe in Vegas, this reminds me of Hawaii, that’s a huge improvement in my book.

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