Kali River Rapids to join the Extra Magic Hours line-up at Disney's Animal Kingdom


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A bit of an odd choice given that they don't open Splash in the AM EMH, but if people will ride, kudos for increasing offerings.

Dismayland is my profile pic actually.


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Maybe Dismay is what Malificent will rename Disney after her hostile takeover. (Read the Kingdom Keepers books for more on that storyline.)


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Nothing like being drenched at 8am.
For most of the year, it's hot enough by sunrise to need it. Plus it gives you time to dry off.

Getting drenched after sunset is what's bad. One of the reasons I love riding Splash Mountain at night is that you don't get too drenched that you're soaking wet. It's also one of the reasons I hate riding Disneyland's Splash at night, because there's a good chance you're going to get at least two or three waves to hop over the edge of the log and drench your nether-regions.


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Of all rides for EMH, this seems like an odd choice for sure, since generally you don't want to be soaked in the early morning or late PM. Nevertheless, more choices are never a bad thing.


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Quite a few times we have done the EMH Animal Kingdom hit, where we do all the morning EMH rides and leave by 9am regular openings. (Everest 2x, Primeval, Kali, then across to Safair and Tough to Be a Bug on the way out). This fill up a little more time and get us our showers for the morning.

rael ramone

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Nothing like being drenched at 8am.

But it gets better...

Since you're probably going to be the only one on the ride, they'll let you stay on again....and again.....and again...

You won't just be wet, you'll be soaked down to the bone...

(But anybody that's doing this isn't doing the Safari's or Everest, so thumbs up from me)...


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It will reduce the sniping, of zipping to Everest then zipping to Dinosaur or the Safari. It gives you a little more reason to linger in that park of the park during EMH.


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Nothing like being drenched at 8am.

I'd like to think of it as a super productive morning shower. You're already in the park before the crowds, you're getting a nice cold soaking bath, AND you get educated about how terrible deforestation/logging is. Win-win ;)

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