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Trip Report Jut on in! 40-year-old Best Friends' POFQ Trip, June 2019 *COMPLETED*


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Your fireworks pictures are really cool!! I'm trying to figure out if we were close to each other that day. We arrived at Riverside early that afternoon & were stuck there for a bit b/c of the rain. We ate at BOG also but our reservation was at 5:40.
I think we arrived back at MK from our resort break around the time you were eating at BOG, and then our BOG was at 7:30.


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Seeing as we were in the area, Splash had very little wait. P was nervous about this one, because of the drop. But hey, she conquered ToT, so she was game! She did ask me to give her the play-by-play so she knew where drops were and when the big one was.

She did great! Despite her reaction in the picture, she said the drop didn't really "catch her tummy" so she was fine.

I always like this little area at nighttime...

Oops, looking at pictures now, THIS is when we went to Tomorrowland to use our all-exp FP for Space (sorry, some of my pics are from my camera, and some are from my phone). But first, some pics of the castle:




Y'all, that walk to the exit is long!

After yet another fun and successful day, it was back to the resort after this! Next up, our rest day!


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The fireworks were set to start soon, so we decided we might be able to make up for our lost BTMRR FP from earlier in the day. The wait was about 10 minutes.
View attachment 386359

But we NAILED the timing!!
View attachment 386361

View attachment 386362

View attachment 386363

View attachment 386365

View attachment 386367

View attachment 386373

View attachment 386388

This experience-- riding BTMRR while seeing the fireworks go off was, up to that point, the greatest moment of our trip!
We were on BTMRR not too long after you! We were watching the fireworks from the TTA!


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Wednesday, June 19th

In our original plans, this was going to be a water park day. Looking at the forecast for the week, right before the trip, the weather looked iffy, but we had too many set plans on all the other days that I didn't want to try to change anything. We just sort of decided to play it by ear. Well, the day before, we basically realized the water park wasn't going to happen.

What to do instead?

Well, we slept in a bit, though I'm really unable to sleep in too much anymore. I got up to go into the restroom and sink area to get dressed, trying not to disturb P if she wanted to sleep in. When I came out of the restroom, she announced "I booked us a spa day!"...alrighty then!

I decided to go for a walk around the resort as I was restless, and then ultimately decided to go to the food court for breakfast. I texted P to tell her my plans, and she said she'd join me soon. I grabbed some breakfast and found a table.

I went with the English muffin egg & cheese sandwich, and the potato barrels. Y'all. I know these are just tater tots, but they were done TO. PERFECTION. I also had some tea.


P joined and grabbed some breakfast too, though I can't remember what she got. Once done, we went back to the room to pack a day bag, and started our journey to Saratoga Springs for our spa day!

Walking toward the boat launch at PPFQ (taken looking back at the main building)

We docked at the Marketplace, and turned left upon exiting the boat ramp, toward Saratoga Springs. Looking back at the boat launch at the Marketplace.


I took this picture of the map posted on the path near Disney Springs so I'd have it in case we got turned around (SS confused me a bit when DH and I stayed there). We needed to go to #9 and a big storm was definitely on the verge.

We did get mixed up as to which building it was, but with help from a dvc CM, we found it in time.

We were led to the Relaxation Room. P was getting a massage, but I was getting a pedicure. I decided not to go full-robe relaxation so I took a lounge seat in the RR, while P went down to the locker/bath room to change into a robe.

I didn't take pics in there, but there were snacks and water/tea/coffee. It was very dim and soothing music was playing. A sign on the wall stated no cell phones. Most people were trying to not even talk, though there was some light whispering among parties. An older woman comes in, sits in a chair, and proceeds to have a full blown conversation on her cell....VIA SPEAKERPHONE. She was sooo loud, and completely oblivious to the rest of us all jerking out of our peaceful relaxation--heck I was almost asleep. Thankfully, the conversation only lasted about 3 minutes but it was unreal. Read the room, lady!

P came back up just after, and I shared my chair with her. She was called only minutes later back for her treatment. I continued to relax and wait. And wait, and wait. I didn't get called back until probably 40 minutes later! I kind of thought they forgot about me (the front desk didn't seem the most organized that day)!

Finally, I was called back, and my pedicurist was Necy. Very sweet lady who did an excellent job, both on my toes, and being very engaging to talk to!

***TOE PICTURE*** (I know some people don't like feet, so skip next pic if so inclined)


When I came back up to the Relaxation Room, P was there...and worried about me. She thought I left or something, because she expected me to be back by the time she was done. We then went down to the locker room and took advantage of their hot tub. I could only stay in for a few minutes because I get overheated very easily. From there, we moved to the hot chairs, though I could only stand for it to be on briefly. While we relaxed (slept) I could hear the rain hitting the window outside.

The mosaic behind the hot tub. Do you see the hidden Mickey?


This spa day was P's treat, which was really sweet of her. She said the total was much less than she expected so she was pleased about that. If anyone is curious, they provided hair spray, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, deoderant, perfume, powder, combs, brushes, etc.


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Y'all. I know these are just tater tots, but they were done TO. PERFECTION.
One morning we were at FQ & E noticed they had tater tots there(POR doesn't have them:cautious:). She said she wanted to come down one day just for them b/c they looked so good. I'll have to make sure to try them sometime. I am a huge fan of the tater tots at Tusker House & they look just like them!! I don't know what it is--like you said they're just tater tots but they are the best!!


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One morning we were at FQ & E noticed they had tater tots there(POR doesn't have them:cautious:). She said she wanted to come down one day just for them b/c they looked so good. I'll have to make sure to try them sometime. I am a huge fan of the tater tots at Tusker House & they look just like them!! I don't know what it is--like you said they're just tater tots but they are the best!!
I work in child care, and on days we have tater tots, the cook takes them off the pan from the oven, and wraps them in foil to keep warm until she serves it to each class. Problem is, this also basically makes them fall apart. Mush. Bleh. So I can appreciate a nice crispy tot :D


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After our spa day, we walked back toward Disney Springs, really hoping this sky wouldn't dump on us! It would sprinkle here and there, and there was thunder and lighting in the distance--even big zig zag lightning far off, but it never did rain.


When we got there, and were walking from the Marketplace to the Landing, one side of the sky looked like this:

and the other side looked like this:

Go home Florida weather, you're drunk.

Prior to our trip, several people that know both P and I were tagging us in facebook posts about the Sugar cookie- pineapple ice cream sandwich. P had been to Wine Bar George, where it was served as part of the Flavors of Florida event. She really enjoyed the food there previously, so wanted to introduce me to it, though I am not really a wine drinker.

We decided to split the Burrata, which is tomatoes, olive oil, mozzarella on grilled garlic bread.

This was so delicious! I was kind of sorry we split it...

P loves rose, and I got a strawberry cider- I really enjoyed this!


And the reason for our visit!

THIS WAS AMAZING!! The ice cream was very very good, but what made this was the sugar cookie. It was just a really good cookie, and I want one right now. Totally worth the trip there.


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After we returned to our resort, we showered and got ready for dinner plans (I can't remember if we napped or not). Back to MK for a monorail ride! Despite what is pictured here...



Where were we headed?

P had booked us the DVC "Happily Ever After" dinner-- which is a 3 course dinner with non-alcoholic beverage, and then watching the fireworks from the Top of the World lounge. Later I informed her that she could go to this lounge anyway as a DVC member, but I've been wanting to try the Wave anyway, so this worked.

While waiting for our table, P's water bottle leaked into her purse again! She went off to the bathroom to dry it up, and of course that's when they called her name. I explained she'd had a mishap and would be back shortly. When she returned, we were shown to our table.

We started with some bread--note the mouse formation

We were given a starter of tuna--I think? It was really good.

For my appetizer, I went with the Bacon & Egg-- Maple-lacquered Pork Belly with Perfect Egg and Tillamook Smoked Cheddar Grits. I MEAN. The egg was good, the pork belly and maple flavor great, but these grits. THESE GRITS!! I've never had good grits before I guess because they were like none I've had-- I absolutely loved these! Admittedly, I'm not from the South originally, so all I'm used to is grainy lumpy grits. These were amazingly smooth. So good. I was very pleased with my choice!

My entree was the Salmon with Rice Perlou with Port Canaveral Rock Shrimp and Crab Beurre Blanc. This was nothing special, IMO. I gave P my shrimp cause I don't really eat shellfish.

Dessert was a Chocolate Flight- Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding, Brownie Crème Brûlée, German Chocolate Cake
The clear winner on this plate was the german chocolate cake. The brownie creme brulee was good, we didn't overly care for the other.

After dessert, we made our way to Bay Lake Tower to ascend to the Top of the World Lounge!!


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When I was posting last night about our dinner at The Wave, I referred to the event page, and in so doing, noticed that we were also to receive a complimentary alcoholic drink at TTotW Lounge. I blame both us and Disney for us not getting it. No one actually told us this on their end that we were supposed to go to the bar and request it. Bummer.

We had about 15 minutes until showtime, but the Lounge was....not crowded, exactly, but most seats were taken. So we found our spot outside, and were entertained by the monorails, and the Electric Water Pageant happening.











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Happily Ever After, up until that point, hadn't ever really "gotten" me like Wishes. Wishes really connected with me, but I will say I really enjoyed this viewing, and HEA is growing on me!

After the show, we headed for the elevator in BLT. We approached an elevator that was still open, made eye contact with the people in it, and they watched as it shut when we were about 3 feet away...so we joined the people boarding the next elevator.

"You can join us, we're not like them" one woman said. "We're the fun people, it's a party in here"

"Just pretend we're all friends" said another person.

During our descent, the doors opened on another floor. An older teen, maybe 18 or 19 stood on the other side of the door as they opened. "Come on in!" we all said, "there's room". He said not a word. Just stood there looking at us. He didn't get in either. So the doors shut.

"Awkward" I said from the back of the elevator, to which everyone laughed.

Another woman was facetiming her older son, again I think late teens. "Look at all of us having fun on the elevator! See everyone, say hi to my son!". Which we all did.

It was quite possibly the most hysterical elevator ride I've ever been on. Not counting ToT, that is. I wish I would have taken a group selfie!

When we got outside the lobby at BLT, we ordered an uber, as we didn't want to walk over to MK just to board a very full bus. We could see our ride on the app approaching us. Then, suddenly, the app showed him stopping....for a VERY long time, like 10 minutes...right outside the entrance to BLT. We were concerned that he was in an accident or something, so P messaged him. English wasn't his first language, and he just replied something like "Jaja I'm fine". Well...that's nice. But where are you???

Then, the app showed him at EPCOT. What? We weren't pleased. When he FINALLY arrived, 20 minutes later he said not a word about any of it. So we didn't know if it was an app bug or what. P still gave him a low rating. Regardless, we were back home and in bed shortly.


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In the Parks
When I was posting last night about our dinner at The Wave, I referred to the event page, and in so doing, noticed that we were also to receive a complimentary alcoholic drink at TTotW Lounge. I blame both us and Disney for us not getting it. No one actually told us this on their end that we were supposed to go to the bar and request it. Bummer.

We had about 15 minutes until showtime, but the Lounge was....not crowded, exactly, but most seats were taken. So we found our spot outside, and were entertained by the monorails, and the Electric Water Pageant happening.
View attachment 387099

View attachment 387104

View attachment 387105

View attachment 387107

View attachment 387108

View attachment 387110

View attachment 387113

View attachment 387117

View attachment 387121

View attachment 387123
My pictures from TotWL never look like that!!! WTH??
Real camera📷 or phone☎?


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Thursday, June 20th

It is hard to believe that we were on our next to last park day, and were only now just getting to Epcot, P's favorite park! We arrived for morning Extra Magic Hours.

Look at that beautiful view without the clutter!! I love it. (at least the one side at that point)



Our original plan of attack was to rope drop Test Track, but it wasn't open. So obvious plan B. We were sat in the middle section so we had an enjoyable flight.

Next up, the Farm Ride! (Yes, I explained that name to P)



Then we needed a little something to eat. I noticed this (what was supposed to be) a Hazelnut Rose Gold cupcake, which looked pretty good to me. It wasn't. It was dry, I didn't detect an iota of hazelnut, and it was pretty flavorless, really.

Next up was our first FP. Spaceship Earth-


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I answered differently than normal, and got a different future than usual (I think I got @Tuvalu and @TrolleyFollower91 s futures!)


We decided to see if Joy and Sadness had a long line, because I'd not ever met them- and it was only about a 10 minute wait. Note how Sadness had to hold my hand. She liked my nail polish, so Joy acted out putting some on her to cheer her up. We all complimented Sadness's new polish.


Next up was Journey Into Imagination, because Figment is P's favorite--as evidenced by her ears that day (her birthday gift from me). There was actually a wait for this, believe it or not, but I didn't mind cause- a/c.



We decided to check out the DVC lounge above Figment, and checked in at the podium. There is a limited capacity there, and so you may have to wait until someone checks out (which they tell you several times to be sure to do as you leave the upstairs). We were able to get beverages and snacks (chips or animal crackers). Also- there are no restrooms up there, so be sure to use the one downstairs before going up, should you need to. I will say I didn't find the chairs super comfortable, but it was nice to relax for a few minutes to figure out what our next plans would be.



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Our final plan before heading out for our midday break (it was HOT, and no 'rain relief' these last two days) was to grab some lunch. While in the DVC Lounge, we'd settled on La Cantina de San Angel. But first, El Rio de Tiempo....YES I SAID THAT. (I know it is the Gran Fiesta Tour with the Three Caballeros, but still)

Look what a bad influence P is. She said "put your feet up on the boat" . I told her that was against rules "keep hands and feet inside boat at all times". She said "just for a picture, dork" so there ya go.







After our boat ride, I grabbed a table at the Cantina while P placed our order. While waiting for her, I amused myself by watching a male and female adult duck chase after their babies. Sometimes the force of babies (there were I think 6 or 7) would split so one parent would go after one group, and one parent would go after the other. It was really cute.

I had the Tacos de Barbacoa, and P had the Taco Trio. Very tasty and satisfying for lunch.

After lunch, we walked back toward Future World for our break. But not before stopping in Mouse Gear.

Hei Hei is my spirit animal as a Toddler Teacher...

I also admired this shirt, and thought about getting it, but did not.


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We wanted to take a pretty decent nap today because we would be out very late tonight! P went to the room, but first I went to the main building to put some gift cards toward my account. And to take this:

I can't recall how long we napped, but after that, it was time to go back to Epcot. On the way back through Future World toward World Showcase, we stopped in the Coke store. While there, I bought some Coke chapstick for my brother who loves Coke and chapstick.

I had to take a picture of this shirt because though I may live in the South, I am a Central Pennsylvanian by birth, so it's "pop".

We started off on the Canada side-

In Great Britain I was on a mission: Christmas tea. I'd had it on our November Merrytime Disney cruise, and loved it, so I had to pick up a box.

I really am excited for the Skyliners, and love the look of them, themselves. They really fit in with Hollywood Studios, IMO. I just wish the quieter feel of the International Gateway wasn't about to blow up.

In France, P ordered herself a Grand Marnier slushie.

While she enjoyed her drink on the bench by the fountain, I took some photos




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P snuck this photo of me



We noticed that Aurora was meeting, with only 1 or 2 groups in line, so we joined in. When it was our turn, P handed her phone to the photopass photographer, and as she did so, she noticed his nametag. I can't remember where specifically he was from, but it was near Pittsburgh, so she said "NAME, I'm from Pittsburgh" and he said "OK". That's it. No emotion, no pleasantries, nothing. OK then.

Aurora wasn't much perkier

We continued our walk around WS. When we got near American Adventure, we joined the audience of the Guardians of the Galaxy show. It was so cute! I love the music from the movies, so it was nice to sit in some shade and sing along. We came along near the end (but we would stop in again later).

A very poor zoomed in phone pic


Next up was our FP for Frozen:


Please note our power ballad arms- of course we were singing-


We turned back in the direction we'd come, because it was getting close to our dinner time.


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We had just enough time to catch the GotG show from almost the beginning.


Then, it was on to dinner! I was trying to get the sign, but the sunset ended up taking over the pic, but since it was pretty, as @Darstarr says, I'll allow it.

There we go.

To our dismay--at first--we were led to seating not only inside, but not near the window, though there was one available that never got used. We did have a nice booth with pretty lighting-

I went with the lamb sliders and hummus fries and all was delicious!! P got the lambchops, but said they were much better at BOG.

The tabletop was so pretty.

There was background music on in the restaurant, and when it got closer to Illuminations time, the music got even louder. I figured they woud pipe the music in-and they did, but before it started, the music was SO LOUD. Our server came over to us at one point to see how we were doing, and we asked if the music had gotten louder, and she agreed it did seem louder, so she turned it down.

She told us that when the show started, we could move over to the window. Why they didn't seat us there in the first place, I'll never know. We also had told her that we'd like to settle up the bill before Illuminations so that when it was over, we could beeline it to IG, as we had additional plans. She didn't bring the bill till after Illuminations, but it worked out fine.

This was my last viewing of Illuminations, so I was glad I got to see it one more time. While it's not my favorite, I do love the music, and the way the lights are blown out...gives me chills.


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My Illuminations pics are all taken with my phone- it did better with the fireworks through the window. The window made for such unique framing, that I was rather pleased with these.






We paid our bill, and quickly walked toward the IG, to the Beach Club, through the Beach Club to their bus stop for the Magic Kingdom.
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