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Trip Report Just What We Ordered... BLT & a Side of Summer!

We’re back home, and had an awesome trip! I cannot wait to share with you all!

TR 1.jpg

Pre-Trip Report linked here, if you are interested…

Just as a quick refresher…

WHO: Me, my sister (SB), brother-in-law (IZ), and our dad (R, but I may just refer to him as dad)

WHERE: Bay Lake Tower in a 1BR Villa

WHEN: June 16-22, 2021

WHY: Who needs a reason to go to Disney?! But really, we have missed it SO much in the past year, and this trip was much needed. We lost my mom in August 2020 to a long and hard fought battle with Ovarian Cancer. It has been a very hard year between that and dealing with the pandemic, so we were so ready for a break from real life.

Up Next… Arrival & Day 1!


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It was finally time for our “lunch” ADR at 50’s Primetime so we went and got checked in. We had to wait quite a long time and it was HOT, so we found a bench and saw these guys on their way to fish. 🐠



We were seated about 25 minutes after our reservation time. Things were still very socially distanced in this restaurant, which was surprising considering how normal the rest of the park seemed. We guessed that it was more due to a lack of staffing to fill the restaurant.

“Disney” on the TV!

SB and I have eaten here a couple of times, but it was Dad and IZ’s first time. We all enjoyed it!

SB and I both got chocolate milkshakes and the sampler platter. Dad got this too!

IZ had the fried chicken.

Star Tours was a walk on after our late lunch. We got a new to us ride version and really liked it!

I was excited to see the Pixar Cavalcade after we got off the ride.




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SB and I really wanted to experience being a pilot on Smuggler’s Run, so we checked and it said it was only 25 minutes! We headed over and got in line.

It started raining. 🌧

We waited about 35 minutes but it was so worth it!

(I liked this guy’s teeth 😂)

We started to go to the front of the park to head out because all of the wait times were pretty long again, but I spotted the Milk Stand and needed to try it!

I got blue and SB got green. She hated hers and so did IZ when he tried it, which is unusual for them. They are not picky! I actually loved the blue! I AM picky, so that was a surprise.


We decided to do MMRR again on the way out because we enjoyed it so much the first time. We waited about 25 minutes.
We were in a different ride vehicle this time. The first time, we were in the second one and this time we were in the last one. We liked the last one best! You stay in most of the rooms the longest.


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After that, we walked through some gift shops and left the park. Dad wanted to ride the Skyliner so we rode it to CBR.



We stayed here when we were little, in 2002. It has been a while, so we enjoyed walking around and looking at changes.



One thing we did notice was that this resort felt CROWDED, especially compared to where we were at BLT with the main CR tower closed.

We mobile ordered a quick dinner in the food court. I don’t remember what everyone got, but I didn’t get anything since I was still full from our lunch.

We found the main bus stop and took a bus to MK then walked back to BLT. I was hungry now so I mobile ordered a kids cheeseburger from Contempo Cafe.

0/10 do not recommend! It was not good. Maybe because it was later in the evening?

Off to bed we went!


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Day 4: MK & “Rest”

As the name suggests, today was our planned resort/rest day. We still had a park pass for MK in case we wanted to go, and who are we kidding?!

Of course we went.😂

Our rest day began with us “sleeping in”. I am used to getting up early so I was still up by 8. Dad was too. SB and IZ slept a little later, but Dad and I got ready and went to the park.

Day 4 and still swooning over this out the window 😍

Honestly, we are usually tired by this point in a trip but since the parks closed early and we had been leaving by dinner the past two days, we were feeling good!

While getting ready I noticed this guy outside. He was watering the plants with a tank attached to the back of his cart. I thought it was funny they were still doing this since it had just rained quite a bit the night before.

On to MK! We were greeted with this on the way in.


Space Mountain was first today. That makes 3 rounds on this trip! We waited about 15 minutes.

After Space, it was time for another round on my fav…



They had just put up this blue covering that week. So ready for this to be ready! (Also, @Tuvalu turns out I found an infamous orange cone, too! 😂)

We wandered around a bit and headed into Liberty Square.

Tinkerbell! 🌟


These guys looked like they were practicing steering the boat.

We saw that HM had quite an unusually long line. I asked a CM what the deal was… they had brought back the Stretching Room TODAY! YAY!!

30 minutes later and…. Is this room actually stretching, or is it your imagination????


It was wonderful. 😍
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We got a text from SB that they were heading into the park but were grabbing coffee on the way to meet us. We sat in Fantasyland to wait. It seemed MUCH more crowded today than it did two days ago.
It took SB and IZ a bit to get to us because they tried for Starbucks but the CM said the line would take 40 minutes (!!!) so they found a Joffrey’s and got this instead.


They said it was delicious!

Fantasyland was so crowded so we headed to BTMRR. (We later decided it was because of all of the young kids there with dads for Father’s Day weekend)

See how crowded???

Castle pic on the way there, of course!


BTMRR was fun as always. 💚



(It was a bit bright 😎😅)

Princess cavalcade!




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SB and IZ were excited about the Stretching Room being back too and I wasn’t about to turn down another ride in the mansion so off went went! It took about 35 this time. It started sprinkling when we were in line but thankfully stopped quickly.



Dad wanted to do the Tiki Room next since we missed it the other day, so we visited the birds next.



We also mobile ordered at Pecos Bill’s for lunch!

I have historically not been a fan of this place, but this time I tried the chicken and rice bowl and it was really quite good! I would definitely get it again.


It was nice to eat in the air conditioning. We noticed that they were super good about watching when people left their table and rushing over to wipe it down immediately. I hope that is something that sticks around post-pandemic!


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After lunch, we wanted to stop by Memento Mori. Dad had spotted a HM puzzle in another store the other day that he wanted but we didn’t want to get it then abs have to carry it around. We miss the room package delivery! He and SB do puzzles together and have for years, so they wanted to add to the collection. We have so many that are framed and on the walls!

Here it is! It is technically 4 puzzles that are 500 pieces each. It was kind of cool that we got it on the very day the stretching room opened again!


After getting the puzzle Dad decided he wanted to leave and go hang at the pool. SB, IZ, and I stayed in the park a bit longer.
IZ had never done Philharmagic, so we gave it a whirl. I heard they were adding a Coco scene to this! That’ll be cool. (There was absolutely no physical distancing here at all. In fact, they were saying to fill all the available space LOL)


SB wanted to do PoC again so we headed there. She also remembered that there used to be Tiki Room raincoats near Aladdin and wanted to get one. She was disappointed. Apparently, they got rid of that little area since the pandemic.
I did get a raspberry swirl dole whip though!! SO. GOOD. I think about this snack all the time. 😍😍😍



Dad also sent us this update. He looked like he was having a good time. 😎


After that, we did make our way to Pirates. …and got quite wet on our ride! Did they change the amount of water? 😅



(through here is where we got soaked!)

I parted ways with the newlyweds. They went to shop on Main Street. I wanted one more spin on my favorite….


And then a nice CM let me stay on and go again!




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We wanted to squeeze in some pool time with Dad so I met SB and IZ at the “confectionary”. You can hardly call it that right now. The current temporary shop is a far cry from the real thing!

I saw another cavalcade on the way there!




I noticed the firehouse and checked it out on our way out. I had never been in here before. It was very neat!



Are these badges given to WDW by fire departments? Very cool!


One last castle pic on the way out…


We walked back to BLT, changed in the room, and met up with Dad at the pool.


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Condolences on your mom. Looks like you all had a fun trip, the pictures of the smiling faces are fun to see!
Thank you. Glad you’re following along! We did have a wonderful trip.
Been away but getting caught up.
Love the corkboard(?) pin trading ears! So cool!

Also about the room view!!?? Yeah its' still AWESOME. :cool:
Thank you! I love them, but they do get quite heavy after a while! 😅


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We enjoyed our pool time! It was a little crowded but still relaxing. The chairs were super comfy!



Dad went down the slide. Nobody else did since we had dinner soon and didn’t want to get our hair wet. He had a rough landing. 😂


Don’t worry, he’s okay 👍🏻

(Not-so-hidden Mickey)

We left the pool around 5:00 to get ready for our dinner. We were headed to WL to eat at Whispering Canyon Cafe! I was very excited for this.

We walked back to MK to catch a boat.


I liked this bus wrap. 👍🏻


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We waited just briefly for the boat to arrive. I honestly cannot remember the last time I took a boat at Disney so I was pumped. We got some great views of the lake!



Ready for dinner!





Maybe we will stay in these cabins someday… 🤞🏼


We stayed at WL back in 2003 when SB and I were kids. Dad pointed out our room to us! Mostly, I remember loving the bunk beds. I’m sad those are gone in the renovated rooms!


We checked in for dinner. Our reservation was for 6:40. We were seated around 7:00.


We all got skillets except SB who got the steak, I think! It was So. Good. 😍


Our waitress was excellent. They don’t do much of the normal shenanigans with the pandemic, but she threw in a few things that we enjoyed.


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After dinner, we explored the gift shop in the lobby. (This is right when I think @Tuvalu was in the lobby with us!) SB was on the hunt for a sewing kit because something (I don’t remember what) of hers had broken and she wanted to fix it back at the hotel. We found one (and also SB got some dibbs) and then headed back to the boat launch.



The boat captain was brand new and had some difficult docking the boat both when we got on and got off. It was a bit nerve wracking 😬


When we left the room earlier, we requested towels. We found them here when we returned.


I thought it was odd to balance them here and not on the table!

We said goodnight again to the castle and a fabulous Disney day. 😍



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@ToInfinity, I do know that when I worked with the Sheriff's Department that we would send patches to other departments and we would receive patches from other departments to put on a display board very similar to what you saw in the Firehouse. All we did was ask for patches from the departments we wanted so I'm assuming Disney did the same.

It's pretty neat really, I need to go into the Firehouse, I never took the time to look around.

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