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Jungle Cruise Update


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Yeah, the characters should all be moving, right?

Otherwise I think it looks good. The guy on the bottom (the butt of the joke, so to speak) looks like a 1960s Marc Davis character.

r/disneyparks - New 'Trapped Safari' Scene has Debuted on the Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom'Trapped Safari' Scene has Debuted on the Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom
It's Don Knotts!


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The designs are solid enough, but ultimately I just don't understand the purpose of adding a story or reoccurring characters to the Jungle Cruise. Obviously I understand these changes were done for PC reasons, but part of the gag for the rhino scene is the commentary on the social hierarchy of the white explorer above the African guides. The gag still works, but a layer has been removed (although the new commentary of white man getting the horn with a white woman safe on top has humor in it, as well). Perhaps it would have been better to go ahead and redesign the entire scene, just as they have with the Native portions of the attractions. At the end of the day, though, I'm just happy the changes are independent of the new movie.
Alberta Falls! You don't want to see the backside of a waterfall?


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KTLA Morning news is reporting Jungle Cruise is opening tomorrow. Screen grab is from FB i did not see the report. Take it for what its worth.

Probably just a big oops.
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I mean, I can’t imagine the refurb is actually going to take until mid July, unless they’re upgrading more than what we expect- such as the on-ride mic/speaker combo.

But, yeah, probably a weird mistake.

The Hitchhiker

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Does not appear to be the WDW version based on one video I just watched. So maybe DL is getting a slightly different figure?
Would make sense. Walt Disney World's Jungle Cruise has always been slightly more cartoonish (look at their Trader Sam). I greatly appreciate this maintenance of established design and their will to spend the extra money to do it. Here's a better look at the two versions.



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