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'Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar' concept art and construction at Disney Springs The Landing


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I'm wondering if anything else opened near the area. I imagine the new marketplace boat dock alongside this opens today as well. There was an area near here where I believe I saw planters and such behind walls. It might have been the new path to morimoto Asia which doesn't open until next Tuesday but the new path could possibly be open. It just seems a lot of these projects all have the same end date. I guess we'll see what walls were removed this morning.


The Epcot Manifesto
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Twitter is filled with hundreds of pictures of this place now.
The details look amazing.
It's a must do now for me.


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Loooks really good...I also think the menu is relatively innovative(for Disney). It doesn't look like a huge establishment, does anybody know the capacity?

I also like the use of the boat as a dining area, and what is the mini-sub area?

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